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boobs are soooo leaky

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nct73 Thu 23-Jul-09 16:14:24

I am breast feeding DS 6 wks old and am finding that I am continually leaking which I dont remember happening with DD after the first couple of weeks. I keep thinking his nappy has leaked but it is just where the other boob has leaked on him while feeding. Also wake up to wet patches on bed. I carry a scarf around at all times to hide wet patches plus feel I smell in a sweetish off milk esp when hot. I have tried both disposable & washable pads but nothing keeps it at bay. I know I should (and am) grateful for good supply. Just wanted to share. Anyone else find this a problem? when did it stop?

Bettymum Thu 23-Jul-09 16:23:15

I had exactly the same thing. Going through three bras a day, spraying the feeding room in John Lewis, leaking all over my tshirt at a postnatal class (too many babies!!). Getting DD all wet every evening leaking all over her Grobag...I think it must have stopped at about 12 weeks but I really can't remember. I used disposables as I found them more absorbent than the washables and just kept changing them when they got too wet, and changing my bra too. I think that's all you can do till it all settles down!

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