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BF in Corra, Ofcom reply to my complaint

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chosenone Wed 22-Jul-09 14:54:53

After the storyline where Maria was finding BF difficult and Audrey advised putting her on a bottle I complained to Ofcom , their reply came today;

"Coronation Street is a long running fictional drama which explores many themes and stories....this is not an instructional or fact based documentary about breast feeding and therefore we wouldn't expect a balanced look into the pros and cons of this activity"

there were two pages waffling on about various broadcasring codes and the like, at least they looked into it I guess but the wording above is quite odd!

HoppityBunny Thu 23-Jul-09 12:11:58

Yes it is odd, it's good you wrote to complain though. We don't need 'soaps' broadcasting a message that formula is an easier option. I know it's not all that sterilising etc!

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