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DS2 is 5mo and bottle refuser, I may need ABs, how to make this work?

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laumiere Sun 19-Jul-09 21:52:25

DS2 is 5mo this week, he's been on solids for a couple of weeks now and is big for his age (18lb now). He's an avid BFer and refuses all formula, but will take water.

I'm currently on BF-friendly ABs for a suspected UTI, but they aren't working and my BF-supportive doc has told me I'll need to take a week to 2 week course of non-BF friendly ABs.

Can DS2 manage for a week on solids, water and occasional yogurts? Can I keep up my supply? (I am HOPELESS at pumping, get about 1 oz a time)

tiktok Sun 19-Jul-09 22:04:16

laumiere, very, very few meds cannot be taken when bf. Even the heaviest-duty antibiotics can be taken - it's a judgement call. You can do the research yourself, share your findings with the doc, and decide with his/her advice what to do.

What you might avoid with a newborn or a pre-term may not present an issue with a 5 month old.

laumiere Sun 19-Jul-09 22:09:16

Thanks tiktok, I suspected as much but it's really hard to get any info out of our HCPs, they won't even prescribe the Pill if you're BF (mini-Pill is acceptable thankfully). Are there any sites you'd recommend for researching this?

TheProvincialLady Sun 19-Jul-09 22:13:14

If you look on the Breastfeeding Network website there is information about drugs in breast milk. There is also a helpline you can ring, where you can speak to someone (a pharmacist I think) about the drugs you need to take. They have a database about the safety of various drugs. I found them very helpful when I contacted them.

tiktok Sun 19-Jul-09 23:08:45 is also a good site.

It's mainstream practice to prescribe mini-pill only when bf, by the way....combined pill not harmful but it's been shown to affect the quantity of milk in some women.

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