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Advice on weaning whilst changing from bfing to ffing?

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dan39 Sun 19-Jul-09 17:43:05

OK trying new thread for this to see if anyone has any ideas...I have 23 week old dd, bf pretty much exclusively - certainly til 4 and a half months and then she has had occasional bottles of formula - one a week prob on average. Prior to this she had had ebm by bottle about 4 times per week.

My anxieties are,
a)how to gradually go from breast to bottles - at the mo we are doing one formula bottle at 7.30pm/8ish as that is bedtime. I dunno how to 'replace feeds one by one' as I have seen in various places as she feeds constantly from breast - we are on 2 hourly 24/7 and I realise she won't need bottles for all of these!

b)how it will work with BLW/will it work with BLW?

c)whether to aim to have her fully off the boob by 6 months which is mid august, so that gives me/us time to do it gradually

d)how to manage mad constant night time feeding. This is partly why I want to swop over - I am so tired and pissed off about feeding thru the night. I know she is not doing anything deliberately to upset me, but she feeds at 8pm, then 9 or 10 or 11, then 1, then 2ish or 3, then 4 or 5, then constantly from 6 to about 8...I am so tired and I so want to enjoy this time but at present I am not as I feel so drained. I think she has learned to 'snack' so thinks I am on tap all the time - which effectively I am.

e)Is it a good idea to introduce one bottle every four days, if so when should the next one be? Lunchtimeish?

Sorry about the length of this!! But she is in her nest thing playing and watching me - a rare treat - so I am chucking it all down whilst I get the chance!!

Current position is that last night was third night of having a 7.30PM formula bottle - she woke 1 and 4 the first night, three then 4 + lots the second night; and last night was sadly back to normal - woke as described above.

I KNOW I should not think formula is a magic sleep tool btw! (But I can't help it...blush)

mumblecrumble Mon 20-Jul-09 14:47:40

Not an expert but had similar experience....
these are my personal opinions... [that's my disclaimer!!!!]

a) If your dd is as happy with bottle than milk then no probs! My advice would that if she seems unaffected then give bottle when you'd rather not breast feed. E.g I was knackered in the evening liek you sound and gave her a bottle then [pften DH did while I had bath/rested etc]

b) I imgaine the advice would be the same: Give some milk [enough so she's not really hungry ad not enough to stop her wanting more food] then offer food, se what she has then offer little more milk if needed. SHe will let you know what she wants!

c) Is something happening in 6 months? |Going back to work? Cos if not I would just let it happen naturally. There may be some fed syou prefer to breast feed - bottles are a right faff!!!!

d) Night snacking: Best advice I got was to feed as much as possible in the afternoon, try to give as good a feed as you can and then sllep as much as possible....

e) what has made you think of every 4 days?

If you formular feed your supply will reduce but that is what you said you want so thats ok.

Just go with the flow! Do you have a partner who can take on some feeds?

mumblecrumble Mon 20-Jul-09 21:59:31

re bumping for you

dan39 Tue 21-Jul-09 10:30:14

Thanks mumble...I thought 4 days would give both of us time to get used to it. I agree bottles are a faff but I have really had enough of breastfeeding now and feel its time to stop.

mumblecrumble Sun 26-Jul-09 07:50:01

If you feel its time to stop then you should stop.

How's it going?

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