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Can the size and shape of your boobs be a problem?

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victoriascrumptious Sat 18-Jul-09 20:03:30

I tried to breast feed lo for 2 months and it was hell. Everytime the boob went near her she screamed like I was murdering her and it used to take me ages every time to get the feeling that she was latched on.

Everyone and their dog came and poked and ajusted my boobs-offering help/tips etc. I followed all the advice-tried every bf position known to man but it still was a massive struggle. I know that I was producing enough milk as I did a milk yeild but something was wrong.

Now I have 38f boobs with not particularly sticky-out nipples. They are not inverted or anything -they are just unresponsive and small.

When I was feeding her I had to sort of press some of the boob away from her nose otherwise she would have suffocated.

Is it possible there was a problem with the shape of my boobs/nipples?

June2009 Sun 19-Jul-09 00:20:43

Sorry I don't have an answer although I can't see how there could be a problem with your boob shape. Maybe you needed better support.
I have had exactly the same problem. I never realised that my nipples were small compared to others. One of them is flat as well and the baby was screaming like I was torturing her. When she finally latched on she would fall asleep after a couple of minutes.
loads of midwives also poked at my boobs but I think they can only deal with people who will breasfeed easily, they can't deal with anyone for whom feeding is very difficult and problematic and actually needs an expert to spend time with them to analyse the problem.
I "breastfed" for a grand total of 1 and a half day. The staff at the hospital put an incredible amount of pressure on me to either get on with it and breastfeed (!!) or formula feed.
I thought I'd say "fine I'll formula feed" just so that they would discharge me and the plan was to call the bf consellor once home butt he next day nothing at all came out of my breast, no colosturm, nothing, the visiting mw checked it and was very pessimistic about it.
I can understand that from their point of view the baby has to feed, obviously so they haven't got a choice but tell the mother "your baby is hungry you need to feed her".
In the end I had a recurring infection to my c-section scar and was put on antibiotics and strong painkillers that were not compatible with breastfeeding so could not even express. I was also extrememly tired and anaemic.
I'm very impressed you did 2 months.
have you tried nipple shields btw?

I hope you're not beating yourself up about it, I mostly "over it" but there have been many many tears and I still feel pangs of guilt from time to time.

lowrib Sun 19-Jul-09 00:59:11

I have 36g boobs but often wear 38f, so I know what you're on about!

When I started BFing I was convinced that DS couldn't breathe so I used to press my boob away to stop suffocation like you do.

However I've since learnt that babies noses are deigned upturned / flattish so that they can breathe while feeding. I don;t press my boob away any more and he can feed nd brathe fine.

I very much doubt it's the shape or size of your boobs which is the problem.

Have you heard of La Leche League? They give free breastfeeding advice and are experts. A fried of mine had real problems breastfeeding and they sent a breast feeding counsellor to her house for free, who helped her and her baby work it out.

They have a BFing help line, please do give them a ring if you still need BFing advice.

La Leche League helpline - 0845 120 2918

lowrib Sun 19-Jul-09 01:02:16

Designed not deigned - oh and a whole load of other random typos blush - hope it still made sense!

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