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Thread on bf article in 'In the News'

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tiktok Sat 18-Jul-09 10:29:10 n?msgid=16183668

tiktok Sat 18-Jul-09 14:44:02

bumping to bring in more voices

lizzytee Wed 22-Jul-09 03:10:22

Mmmm, me too. Have read the article several times to work out just what bothered me about it so much. So......conclusion is that Viv Groskop goes off to write a piece on the "rebellion" ie that piece in Atlantic Monthly and finds (judging by the sources quoted) that it's all a bit more complicated......but that won't fill the brief. So cobble it together, stick in a few platitudes and misapprehensions (cf the reference to Politics of Breastfeeding which confuses ingredients for the likes of immunobollocks with contaminants) and put on a strapline that doesn't really reflect the article.

And it's in the Guardian...I mean in the Times and DM I'd regard it as an improvement on the normal drivel. What's a bleeding heart liberal to do?

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