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DS2, 3 weeks old, oversupply? green mucus poo... screaming half the night after very calm day..starting to lose plot.

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Jackaroo Thu 16-Jul-09 13:23:44

sleeps up to 3 hours at a time during the day, although starting to be more "awake" time... but up and writhing/colic for hours at night.

Does what I eat really make that much difference? Have had a couple of OK nights, but otherwise hell in a basket(case).

oversupply definitely an issue on one side... latch is pretty awful on both sides, which I dont' understand as DS1 latched just fine - don't know how to make it different.

sorry, rambling, end of tether, ready to walk ... etc etc... (and it's 10.30pm here and he's already been crying for 3 hours...).



Jackaroo Thu 16-Jul-09 14:41:01

bumping - too depressing to have the only un-answered post on here.. even after only an hour... feels like a lifetime right now.

rainbowdays Thu 16-Jul-09 14:50:25

Yes what you eat may make a difference to colicy effect.
Sorry that baby is crying so much. will post this to make sure you know someone is here

rainbowdays Thu 16-Jul-09 14:52:58

My children are milk protein and MSG intolerant, and if I ate too much of these things they reacted with sore bottoms and runny poo. Also onions made a difference for my youngest.

But this won't help you right now, but I hope that knowing I am here listening helps a little?

rainbowdays Thu 16-Jul-09 14:55:56

In terms of latch, of my three children only one seemed to latch well to start with, the others took time and advise and help to get it right. Is there any breastfeeding support group near you that can help with latch issues?

I am posting in short spurts to see if you are replying in the meantime and to keep your post bumped so that others might join in too with any help.

rainbowdays Thu 16-Jul-09 14:57:44

How old is your baby? Are they old enough for gripewater or other colic medicine?

OmniDroid Thu 16-Jul-09 14:59:09

Sounds like my DS - sympathy. I had massive oversupply, high pressure milk!

What I ate never made any difference.

In hindsight, I'd prob have gone for more of a feeding routine than I did - cut down snacking, try for big feeds.

Saw something on here a while ago suggesting block feeding for those of us with oversupply - feed from one boob only for 2+ feedings, just release the pressure on the other one (ie let it leak?). THen switch for the next 2+ feedings. Size of feeding block up to you.

Sorry brief message, DD just woke up, much crying...

Jackaroo Thu 16-Jul-09 23:51:50

Thanks for all your messages - I've woken up to them.. well left the bedroom for them!

We had a better night, I tried to feed him upright, it seems to have made a bit of a difference, and already the nappies look almost normal... I have to admit having a cup of coffee yesterday - but just after the feed and not feeding again for 3 hours... but maybe..?

I know that everything is out of perspective because whilst DS2 is only 3 weeks old we moved house 2 weeks before that, and since we've all had proper flu (except the baby).. I also came out of hospital with a haematoma (muscle wall tearing during labour) and pylonephritis (upper u tract infection)so it'sa ll been a bit grim.

The one thing I thought I could do was feed him and now that's something I've been hurting him with... makes me feel crap to be honest.

Anyway, you'll all be fast asleep or dealing with your own night feeding now, so I'll try and have a sunnier day and hope to see some of you later...

PS i've given him infacol etc etc.. with varying results, which also makes me think it's a supply thing, ie it helps the wind, but not the fact that it's too much milk iyswim. I also only feed from one side only at a time, and only every 3 hours or so.. not by design, just that kind of baby. Makes a change from DS1 :-)

PPS Thanks everyone, again.

rainbowdays Fri 17-Jul-09 11:36:11

Morning Jackaroo - good to hear you had a slightly better night. Sounds like you have has a rough time. It is not surprising things are a bit tough at the moment.

As you know it takes about 6 weeks for your supply to get settled, so you are nearly there. With all the moving and physical issues, it is going to take your body time to adjust.
You know your baby the best, and you are probrably right it is a supply issue. You know you need to rest as much as possible and this can't have been easy with everything going on. Do try to take time for resting with just you as ds2 too.

Hope today is going well and that tonight will be better.

Jackaroo Fri 17-Jul-09 12:02:31

rainbowdays, I'm so glad I dropped by on my way to bed, thank you for your encouraging and lovely post.

it's 9pm here and I'm making the most of DS2 being asleep to slip off early and try and fit in an hour or two sleep before the next feed.

You're right, if anyone else told me what had been going on I'd be very sympathetic, but somehow when it's your own problem, you think you should be able to handle it/solve it!!

I went and saw the midwife (in place of an HV here) today, just dropped in to make an appt. and she saw me on the spot (I was looking that good <hollow laugh>), agreed re: oversupply, forceful letdown, and had some extra ideas.

Anyway, thanks again, has made a huge difference.


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