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9.5 month only having 7oz formula a day, refuses rest

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nicnic01 Wed 15-Jul-09 19:34:34

My DD was ebf until 5 months then switched to bottles of formula for numerous reasons. She gradually started rufusing mid morning then mid afternoon bottles so was having 7oz first thing and last thing for past few months. I Have been giving cheese/yoghurts to reach the recommended intake. For the past 4 nights she has flatly refused her bedtime bottle in same way she did the other ones. She is still sleeping through and loving her morning bottle. She doesnt seem to be unwell/teething at the moment so dont think its that and so Im not too worried. But think we will struggle to get her up close to the recommended 18-21oz now. I dont really want to give her cheesey meals and yoghurts for every meal (although she would love this) as she is a fussy enough eater as it is.
Anyone else had this issue. Any suggestions?

melzie Wed 15-Jul-09 22:34:36

Hi I have had the same problem with my DD. She is 8.5 months. I still bf her but she only takes about 3mins in the morning and even less just before afternoon nap. I give her formula at bedtime but it started at 7oz's and last night it was only 2! It seems to get less and less every day. I give her a yog after lunch and tea and some cheese. I spoke to the hv and she said try and give formula in a cup with meals. It sometimes works but she knows its not her usual water and doesn't always drink it. I am not worrying too much because they can get what they need from their solid diet at this age. Maybe try little and often and you can be surprised how much they really get in a day. I think bf babies are used to taking exactly what they want and what their bodies need. Because we cant see how much they really take its often a shock when its in a bottle and its less than we thought. Good luck with it all, Im not going to worry too much because they are so changeable. smile

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