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already sad at thought of giving up bf, any wise mums with older kids?

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Gemzooks Tue 14-Jul-09 22:04:25

bf DS till he was 1.
now bf DD, 3.5 months. I know this is the hormones talking, but it is so precious and lovely feeding her and I hate to think of the gradual growing away as she goes onto expressed milk, then weaning etc. of course I know they have to and then they grow away from you altogether in the end, but it's so sad! has anyone got older kids and have any nice things to tell yourself to feel better about this? (I don't want to have a 3rd one just to have that magic early time back again)...

Merle Tue 14-Jul-09 22:38:56

Dear Gemzooks, I do remember feeling like this, even though at times I found breast feeding very difficult/time-consuming etc.
I think that when my children were very small I would look at older children and feel very sad to think that mine would one day look/behave like that. I guess I just wanted time to stand still. I struggled with this especially when my younger son left pre-school.

What helped me a lot, and still helps me, is when I meet families with children older than mine, who are still very loving and close. My children are now 6 & 10 and I think that we still have a very strong bond. I find it very heartening when I meet teenagers who have a very affectionate relationship with their parents, I suppose I think that I want our future to be like that.

Hope this helps.

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