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Help - my 8 week old DS2 has a massive appetite!

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BrownieBells Tue 14-Jul-09 15:40:48


I have an 8 week old DS2 - he was born a big boy, at 10lb 8.5oz, and has always fed well. But now he is on the hungry baby milk (bottle fed) and is taking the full 9oz at every feed - not sure what my next move will be, as he feeds every 4-5 hours, and we obviously can't "up" the feeds anymore.

Any advice gratefully received - just not sure how we are going to last till the approved 20 week weaning milestone!


tiktok Tue 14-Jul-09 16:16:17

BrownieBells - if he needs more you can feed him more often, probably he will take less than 9 oz if this happens. 4-5 hours is not very often

20 weeks is not the 'approved' weaning age, BTW.

Guidelines are 6 mths.

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