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need to express but not enough milk.

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booyhoo Mon 13-Jul-09 14:08:57

im going out on friday night for the 1st time since ds was born 7 weeks ago. i need to express so mum can keep him while i am out.

ive been trying to express since friday past but im only getting about an ounce each time and then ds isnt getting enough at his next feed. ive tried expressing straight after a feed but theres nothing there. ive expressed after the first feed of the day but still very little and if i leave it any later its too close to his next feed and there isnt enough for him. what can i do?

jkklpu Mon 13-Jul-09 14:13:54

If you try to express after feeding you're unlikely to get that much as your hungry baby has probably drunk the easy to get milk already. Expressing gets more fruitful if you do it more often but 7 weeks is still earlyish to try. Don't give up as more will arrive. Is there any time of day yet when your ds stretches for a longer gap in between feeds? Morning best, if at all possible.

I'm sure a BF expert will be along later with more advice.

booyhoo Mon 13-Jul-09 14:17:12

he feeds three hourly, with last feed at 11pm and next feed around 6am, it would mean expressing around 2am. hate the thought of breaking precious sleep but if i have to i'l give it a go.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 13-Jul-09 14:18:05

Some things that make expressing easier:

1. Try doing it while your DS is feeding on the other side.

2. If you're doing it when he's not there, smell a vest of his, look at a picture, whatever.

3. Have you tried hand-expressing? Some find this better than pumps.

4. Yoga type breathing can help bring on let down.

5. When you've got all you can from one side, switch, then switch back.

Is your baby gaining weight ok? If he has to work a bit harder to get a feed, switch sides a few times, that's probably not a big deal. Particularly if it's not late in the day.

How long are you going out for? If you get a couple of ounces a day between now and Friday, you should be fine ...

NotQuiteCockney Mon 13-Jul-09 14:18:43

Hmmm, for him to go that long without feeding at night, at his age, is probably not ideal for your supply. For what it's worth.

booyhoo Mon 13-Jul-09 14:28:48

i'm going for dinner and then drinks. i'll feed him at half six before i go but wont be back for the 9ish or 11pm feed so it will be two feeds i'll need to express for.

ive tried hand expressing and got very little.

his weight gain is good he was 9lb4 at 3 weeks and 10lb2 at 6 weeks.

when i feed him he feeds from both sides so i didnt want to express from the other side as i know he will want more when he finshes the 1st side.

i have around five ounces in the freezer at the minute but i know that wont be enough.

jasperc163 Mon 13-Jul-09 14:51:37

Watching this with interest - i have similar problem but need to get a bottle daily as can't get DD to settle in the evening without an ebm topup. Only time i can get milk out is in middle of night midway between going to bed and DD waking for a feed :-( About 2am as you mentioned!!! I have to set my alarm..

If there is a way round this i will be pleased to hear about it!

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