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Blisters... any advise?

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iloveholidays Mon 13-Jul-09 10:02:19

My baby is just over 3 months old. I've been really lucky that breastfeeding has been relatively easy. However I got a blister a couple of weeks ago, which I managed to clear with a sterile needle but its now come back again in the same place. I had a blocked duct just before the blister appeared last time, however didn't this time.

Has anyone got any advise as to why this would suddenly start 3 months in and also is there any way to ensure it doesn't keep coming back as its pretty painful?

My baby has started sleeping through the night now so wondered whether it was due to the fact that as I'm like a rock in the mornings!


NotQuiteCockney Mon 13-Jul-09 10:05:40

Blisters on the nipple can be either milk blisters or a normal blister. The blocked duct sounds like it may well be a milk blister. Maybe try the fixes for oversupply? (Assuming here that your baby is fat and happy and you have no reason to think your supply might be low.)

Good luck, and well done on persevering with breastfeeding.

iloveholidays Mon 13-Jul-09 10:14:58

Thanks. I'm wondering if it is oversupply - I tended to move to the other side quickly to relieve the pressure (since she's been sleeping more at night), so I probably should be completely emptying first. The blister has also occurred on my side which always feels a lot fuller. My daughter can cough/choke whilst feeding so I think I may have a quick letdown.

I'm going to go to a NCT breastfeeding session on Friday but keen to relieve sooner rather than later.

NotQuiteCockney Mon 13-Jul-09 11:08:25

It makes sense to try things to fix oversupply, although they may take a few days to make a real difference.

It's a good idea to see someone in real life, too, though, just in case the problem is a bad latch. It doesn't sound like it is - but it's always worth eliminating that possibility.

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