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Anyone stopped bf temporarily? Help please.

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cfc Sun 12-Jul-09 20:24:09

I had a KILLER migraine and was prescribed a strong drug by a doc from a walk in centre (am visiting family 250 miles away from where I live so couldn't go to my gp) - I don't usually take this drug and didn't think to ask the doc (was hanging at this point) but when I got to the pharmacy the chap there noticed the baby, who I didn't have with me at the docs, and said I couldn't bf whilst taking this and would have to stop for a few days, he said 3 days would be ok.

The part of this drug which is the problem begins with E, can't remember the full name, but I have looked it up and they do say that it shouldn't be used when bf.

I haven't bf since yesterday as I had to take the drug, I just had to. Baby is on bottles of my expressed breast milk as I have a lot frozen as I donate to the human milk bank - I am also pumping off the feeds I am missing to try to maintain my supply but am getting only barely 2/2.5 oz from both breasts in total and this is after a long time and with breast compressions....I am really worried that when I come to take up bf again on Tuesday I won't have enough to satisfy baby and/or he won't take the breast back.

I'm really emotional about this. I never thought I would be, but I am literally bereft at the fact that I can't feed him.

The thought of having problems again is really stressing me out. Can anyone give me any advice or words of comfort?

idontbelieveit Sun 12-Jul-09 20:46:11

Are you sttill taking the drug? I would be very surpirsed if you had to wait that long until it was out of your system. Phone the Breastfeeding network drugline, they have all the information at their fingertips 0844 412 4665 this is there website which might be helpful

idontbelieveit Sun 12-Jul-09 20:48:07

sorry about the typosblush

idontbelieveit Sun 12-Jul-09 20:50:08

their websiteblushblush

idontbelieveit Sun 12-Jul-09 21:00:23 f this is their general leaflet which states that less than 1% of the medication you are taking ends up in your milk, if I were you I think I would be feeding again regardless after reading it.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 12-Jul-09 21:00:50

Oh you poor thing. Sorry you are going through this sad

What was the drug? And where did you look? If on the manufacturer's website, then it will probably say that it isn't licensed for BFing as not many drugs are, but in all liklihood it will be OK to take it as a one off dose.

You can check for it on LACTmed or call the BfN as linked by IDBI

I would also query that you would need to leave it for three days after only one dose of this drug, as most drugs tend not to have that long a half life. Another factor is how old your DS is as drugs have less impact on an older baby than a newborn infant.

Perhaps a call to one of the BFing charities would help to put your mind at ease?

Hopefully one of the resident BFCs will see this and have more concrete advice for you.

cfc Sun 12-Jul-09 21:48:34

It's an ergotmamine, which if you google that and breastfeeding there are plenty of pages which say it's not compatible.

Actually, I've just read somewhere else which states that it's not 3 days, but 4 - 12 hours!!

I think I'm going to feed him the rest of the EBM which I have defrosted, no way I'm throwing that liquid gold away! and then restart feeding him tomorrow afternoon.

I can't wait!! Here's hoping the stoppage hasn't affected anything.

Thank you so much for your thoughts. Much appreciated.

LackaDAISYcal Sun 12-Jul-09 22:12:55

I've found this form an American site:

"Ergot Alkaloids
Due to the dopaminergic activity of the ergot alkaloids they may have the ability to suppress prolactin and hence lactation. If breast-feeding is to be considered, milk volume must be monitored in mothers. Bromocriptine is used therapeutically to prevent lactation and is therefore contraindicated in nursing mothers. Short term, low dose therapy with ergonovine and methylergonovine does not cause a risk to the infant. However, methylergonovine would be the preferred choice of the two because is does not have prolactin lowering tendencies. Ergotamine is also able to affect milk secretion and is not a preferred choice while nursing because of the risk of ergotism in the infant. Signs of toxicity in the infant include vomiting, weight loss and weak pulse"

So, things to watch are dips in your milk supply (sounds like a bit of that has happened already if you have been struggling to express when you have had no problems before) and any signs in your LO.

Can you take to bed for a bit of a babymoon when you restart feeding? that and putting him to the breast as often as possible will help. You could also try things like fenugreek and oats which are good for increasing your supply.

Good Luck smile

idontbelieveit Sun 12-Jul-09 22:29:35

Good luck cfc, just feed as often as poss when you restart and your supply should be back up within a week i would think.
Let us know how you get onsmile

cfc Mon 13-Jul-09 09:58:54

thank u typing one handed baby feeding yay!!!

Actually, just put him in his chair.

So this morning I decided to feed him and ditch the defrosted EBM. He took a good feed at 2.30am and woke at 5.30 having broken out of his swaddle so I reswaddled and put him back down after a love.

He then woke at about 6.30 looking for some yum yums so I put him to the breast. He's always been an efficient feeder and was on the lefty (the best one) for about 5 mins. Then we had a burp and he tried the other, but didn't want much.

I think he is fiddling more because he has to work that bit harder but we've just had another little feed and he was better again.

I have not had my usual gloriously painful let down feeling which I get when I see him, think about him, hear him or have him near me when it's remotely near feeding time, but I am hoping that'll return. Although fast let down was doing his head in at one point!

I also want to get back expressing for the SCBU babies.

We are taking a babymoon at my parents' place. Hubby is away on business at the mo so mum is going to support me through it. I've got DVDs to watch and lots of water to drink. Unforch I have left my milk thistle at home but I might be able to nip to tesco later to stock up on some vits and visit my uncle too en route.

So thank you for your help. Any other stories of people returning to BF after a little break would be appreciated.

Thank you again, you're great x

LackaDAISYcal Mon 13-Jul-09 13:40:15

Good news cfc smile

feed feed feed and your supply should catch up soon smile

cfc Mon 13-Jul-09 19:23:56

I'm glad you said that Daisy, as I feel like I've really struggled to fill him up today. He'll be down now until about 10 ish and then I'll feed again.

We had a side feeding session after his bath, lots of skin on skin and letting him root.

I am sore now, but that was to be expected. Once he knows that boob is back in town we'll work on the latch, I am hoping it'll be tomorrow we can start to sort that.

Feed feed feed...should catch up on some sleep now while I can!

idontbelieveit Mon 13-Jul-09 22:01:15

So glad you're feeding again. Sounds like you're doing all the right thingssmile.

cfc Mon 13-Jul-09 23:16:05

Gr. I have just fed him again and it's stressful.

He's pulling off, crying and being a right mardy man. So unlike him.

He's a quick and efficient feeder but today it feels like he's had sod all to eat.

Anyway, he's off to sleep now, not crying for more food or anything so I'll just bf him when he is. We're in for a wakeful night methinks. I'm not at home so can't co-sleep, I never have, but I would try if we were in my house.

I'll let you know how it goes.

My let down is hardly noticeable, my boobs aren't hard, they're all floppy as are my nipples so I'm kinda squishing them into his mouth, as opposed to them protruding in there themselves. Because of his antics on the boob, my poor nipples are so sore.

God, it feels like the beginning all over again. After just one fucking day off. God.


LackaDAISYcal Mon 13-Jul-09 23:55:52

sad cfc.

I wish I had something constructive to say other than it will get better, but I didn't want your last post to go unanswered.

Can you try expressing a bit as well; even if you don't get much out, it'll stimulate your boobs at least.

I would try not to worry too much about not feeling the let down as this usually calms down by itself anyway after the first few months. How old is he?

I remember starting a thread on here wailing about losing my letdown and being worried about floppy boobs when my DD was a few months old. Perhaps this is what's happening with you, but in conjunction with the medication (which from what I read has a milk suppressing effect) and not feeding it seems much worse?

If you can get hold of some fenugreek or maybe some domperidone? iirc, domperidone is the active ingredient in Motilium. Not sure about dosages though, but there is bound to be some information either here or kellymom.

I hope things are better in the morning.

treedelivery Tue 14-Jul-09 00:15:53

Aw cfc.

It sounds like it will be ok you know - he'll demand like the devil until your supply is back up where he wants it. Rid eit out and this will be a memory.

You'll do fine, you sound very confident and knowledgable, and ds obviously knows the score too.

Fwiw - my boobs never feel full these days, unless I have missed feeds for some reason, and I rarely get a let down sensation these days.
So maybe try not to focus on that so much, rather on the great news that he has gone back on ok and is feeding again, and that your supply is increasing as we type smile

Watch that latch though <<stern eyes>> Sore nips suck. Let us know how you go.

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