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8 month old not wanting last breastfeed of day, last 2 nights just biting me and laughing...anyone else had this?

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fothergill Sun 12-Jul-09 06:52:47

I was worried about a strike due to teething (four coming down)as it was so weird to refuse this feed, but she fed well this morning (bit me and laughed first mind)but I am bit freaked out! She was rolling around tired, it wasn't her wanting play and she went to sleep fine, it felt like she was not hungry for it. She is on 4 bfeeds, and three good meals - I feed her at 5 ready for bed at 7, but last 2 nights she was cross at being offered it, pushing away or biting.
She has never woken at night for feeds so reckon she gets enough food BUT thing is she dropped from 90th to 9th where she has stayed for last few months...I think she could go up a bit so I am a bit loathe to drop a feed right now. If anything I would rather it was the 5.30 one!
Anyone had this? She won't take formula by the way. Can drink from sippy cup but spits it out.

whomovedmychocolate Sun 12-Jul-09 09:08:36

Could be teething but it's more likely she's learned that she gets a good rise out of you by doing this - do take her to the GP or HV to check nothing else is going on (ear infections can stop them wanting to feed at night as when they are lying on their sides it hurts. Try to pay no attention to her refusal and just put her down - you cannot force a baby to feed after all.

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