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advice needed about formula please

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pandagirl03 Fri 10-Jul-09 21:57:11

My ds is 2 weeks old today. He started having sma gold formula was a bit sicky on it to start with but then started to projectile vomit and still be sick 2 hours after his feed. He was also very restless after feeding.

Health visitor came out yesterday and i told her what was happening after feeding. She was here for about a hour and seen what was happening herself. So recommended i changed ds formula to aptamil.

We did this yesterday so from yesterday afternoon we started him on the aptamil, all started well. The first 2 bottles went down fine and he was so much more settled after his feeds. Then he had a feed at 3.30am and the sickness came back. He's been being sick and restless again today after his feeds. The sickness isn't as much as it was with the sma gold but its still alot and along time after feeds.

When i was in the supermarket buying the aptamil i noticed a aptamil easy digest now should i try him on this, speak to health visitor on monday or book him to see a doctor. Any advice would be greatfull. thanks.

AngelaCarleen Fri 10-Jul-09 22:41:05

I wouldn't swap and change his milk too much, imagine if your diet was completely changed again and again... If you're worried about the vomiting take him to the GP. Is he putting on weight?

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 10-Jul-09 22:51:56

I would go and see GP, get him checked for reflux and a milk protein intolerance.

RachieW Fri 10-Jul-09 22:53:33

Panda- I would agree with Angela and not swap again just yet, he may just need to get used to the Aptamil as it hasn't been 24hrs yet.

We also swapped to Aptamil from SMA because the SMA seemed to make ds constipated. It took about a week for this to go, I think he just needed to get the SMA out of his system and adjust to the Aptamil. He would also quite often be sick a couple of hours after the feed and sometimes this would seem to be a lot but he still put on weight fine so I just assumed it was nothing to worry about.

I would speak to your GP or HV (if they are easy to get hold of- ours aren't) on Monday for advice on the easy digest. Unless of course your ds gets very sick and you are worried, then speak to an out of hours GP, they are always happy to see new babies even if it's just to reassure the parents (I speak from exp!). Good luck.

pandagirl03 Fri 10-Jul-09 23:00:13

Yes he is putting on weight. he was 6lb 12oz born and got weighed yesterday and is 7lb 12oz and is 2 weeks old today.

Thats what i was worried about angela, i didn't really want to keep changing his milk. Health visitor said it was ok but i was unsure. thanks all for help.

RachieW Fri 10-Jul-09 23:05:45

Panda- he sounds like he's doing really really well I think it a lot of babies are just sicky babies, according to my Mum I was! But if you are worried talk to your GP.

pandagirl03 Fri 10-Jul-09 23:18:16

thanks very much rachiew, its good to know it took your baby a week to adjust, dh said to give it a while. I suppose i was expecting miricles and not expecting a sicky baby. dd was such a easy baby and even tho he is a easy baby as such its not nice seeing him being sick. thanks again.

RachieW Fri 10-Jul-09 23:26:03

Oh I am so the same Panda- I want everything to be perfect with ds and panic when a little things aren't even if they aren't major. I'd always thought it would be easier with a second dc as ds is my first but I guess it isn't because they are bound to be different from their sibling!

CyradisTheSeer Sat 11-Jul-09 10:09:48

Message withdrawn

brettgirl2 Sat 11-Jul-09 11:53:30

Sounds like reflux to me, I would go to GP.

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