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Switching from breast to beaker at 9.5 months

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Andlou Fri 10-Jul-09 09:09:57

Anyone got any advice on switching straight from breastfeeding to a beaker? DD is nine and a half months now so I think it makes sense to miss out on bottles altogether, plus she's never been keen on them anyway. She does have a top-up of formula from a bottle at bedtime but she's so sleepy then she doesn't seem to notice!
I'm trying to introduce a beaker for the afternoon feed but with zero success so far. She'll drink water from a flip top sippy cup or a doidy but turns her nose up if I try it with formula. As she's now missing out on this feed (I give her a little snack to last till teatime) I don't think she's getting enough milk and has been waking during the night looking for milk. Can anyone help? She's due to start at nursery at the beginning of August so really need to crack this! Thanks

Jennylee Fri 10-Jul-09 11:35:47

I don't understand why you want to get her on the beaker straight from breastfeeding, it will take away most of her sucking pleasure and she is very young, to me bottles are a kinder transition and they still get to suck and feel comforted by them. Or use beakers for water and bottles for milk. they only recommend you take away bottles because of teeth risk, but as long as you aren't leaving her with the bottle in her mouth for hours on end or putting unsuitable juices in it and you care for her teeth I really don't think it s a problem.

Andlou Fri 10-Jul-09 13:16:37

Just thought I'd save myself some hassle - will be a battle to get her to take a bottle as well (have tried before and gave up) so I thought I'd skip straight to the battle with the beaker! When I was struggling with the bottle, HV suggested I try the beaker instead

Jennylee Fri 10-Jul-09 13:20:25

I think you have to keep at it and they eventually accept a bottle or cup, most of the threads on here have the theme that if one keeps trying they eventually take a bottle or cup in the end

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