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quick query about giving breastfed baby a bottle

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drivingmisscrazy Thu 09-Jul-09 23:22:08

DD (almost 6 months) exclusively breastfed until a couple of weeks ago (various reasons too complicated to go in to here). As it turns out the bottle feeds she has (one mid morning, one before her bath) are kind of supplements rather than replacements, but she will only take about 100ml from a bottle. She is then often happy enough to take about another 50ml from a cup.

Why won't she take more? not that hungry? or does the temp of the milk fall to a level that she doesn't like (she makes it quite clear that she is done, having pulled the bottle to her mouth at the beginning of the feed). These feeds clearly wouldn't be big enough to substitute at this stage - how can I get her to take more? She's always been a frequent feeder (partly down to milk supply) so perhaps she's just not used to taking in a lot in one go.

Any ideas?

shamefulx Fri 10-Jul-09 09:56:00

mine never took more than about 100mls of expressed milk when i returned to work and i exclusively breast fed for 9 months 3 times.
The stomach capacity isn`t used to it and is it really worth the hassle /
Why dont you just breast feed her with human milk ?

idunnop Fri 10-Jul-09 11:01:23

How do you know she needs more than 100ml? That sounds OK to me. Just because she will take another 50ml from a cup doesn't necessarily prove anything - might just be the novelty. And if she's happy to use a cup, why not skip the bottle stage altogether?

drivingmisscrazy Fri 10-Jul-09 15:01:15

thanks for replies - not that worried really, just obviously must be the amount that works for her. I know what you mean about going straight to the cup - she's reasonably happy with both.

shamefulx - well done you! bf has been an almighty struggle (we've had poor weight gain, endless evening cluster feeding, thrush, blocked ducts x too many times to recall, one bout of mastitis etc etc); she's still primarily breastfed (apart from this 150ml or so) just it takes the pressure off very slightly. In an ideal world she would still only have human milk, but that's not, sadly, where I am...

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