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Is my 3.5week old feeding too much (3oz every 2 hrs)??

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Wilkiepedia Thu 09-Jul-09 20:51:11

He is 9lb 7oz. Was 7lb 13oz at birth. He is just constantly hungry. I feel like all we do is feed him. He was breastfed for first two weeks and now is on Aptamil. Had tummy bug last week so didn't eat much at all and now, he is just eating for england. Even had a 5oz bottle today. Taking about 8 feeds per day.

Is this normal? DS1 barely fed, hated his milk so DS2 is totally confusing me as to what is normal.

Lulumama Thu 09-Jul-09 20:56:38

no, not at all

3 oz is not a massive amount and 2 hourly is normal for a new born.

carry on doing what you are doing

if he did not feed much last week he might be hungrier this week

also, there will be frequent growth spurts

feed responsively/on demand and you can't go far wrong

Wilkiepedia Thu 09-Jul-09 21:17:39

Ah Lulumama - so glad you are back - you seemed to disappear for a while, I used to be just plain old Wilkie and you have given me quite a few bits of advice over the years.

It just seems a lot to me and my sister is a GF advocate and thinks I should be making him go 4 hourly which I think is cruel. I just feel we are feeding continuously!!! I suppose if I was still BFing I wouldn't be so hung up on amounts but cos I can actually see what he is taking now it seems so much!

Thanks for the reassurance

Lulumama Thu 09-Jul-09 21:21:50

i have been around, not always under this name though, i remember you wilkie !

GF - well, what can i say? lotsoflibellousthings so i won't !! it works for some babies and parents

but it sounds like your baby would not tolerate being made to wait 2 hours for a feed

you will only be distressed as will he, a newborn has a small stomach, which needs filling little and ofnte

as an adult, i like to have a drink more frequently than 4 hourly !

3 oz really is not a huge amount and if it is too much he will bring it back up

it is really hard not to compare, but i had the same with my two, in reverse. DS fed all the time, like a bottomless pit. at 12 weeks he was taking 6 - 7 oz, whereas DD would struggle to take that at 12 months. some feeds would literally be 1 oz.

you have to take each baby as an individual and trust yourself to listen to their needs and respond to their cues

sounds like you are doing just fine

Lulumama Thu 09-Jul-09 21:22:36

ie. waiting 2 hours more for a feed

there is really nothing wrong with a new born feeding evry 2 hours

Wilkiepedia Thu 09-Jul-09 21:26:05

Ah thought you had become a deserter Moldie grin

I know, it is so hard not to compare though isn't it. DS1 had reflux, really struggled to take his milk and gave up bottles almost totally by 9 months and got most of his calcium through other dairy products! DS2 just holds on to his feeds, he isn't bringing any back up, no siree

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