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Expressing milk for older children????

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RedOnHerHead Thu 09-Jul-09 15:57:36

Has anyone thought about, or actually started expressing breastmilk for older children to give them an immunity boost throughout swine flu????

SamiBee Thu 09-Jul-09 23:44:55

nothing to do with swine flu but I've been thining about this because only managed a week of Bfing my 1st born (now 2.5yrs) My son has eczema and hayfever (like me) so I'm hoping giving him some EBM would help.
If he won't take it I'll try putting some choc milkshake mix in it wink as long as the goodness gets in him I don't mind how

peppapighastakenovermylife Fri 10-Jul-09 08:27:57

I tried to pass EBM off as normal milk to my then 2.5 yr old. He took one sip, wrinkled his face and said yuck lol. Have never quite forgiven him. I may take the milkshake approach!

HuffwardlyRudge Fri 10-Jul-09 08:32:55

If I expressed I would definitely give my 3 yr old breastmilk.

Worzsel Fri 10-Jul-09 08:35:20

I've given it to My DD whos 4 and a half, she didn't notice.

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