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First-time mum, engorged and lumpy - help!

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StrawberrySam Wed 08-Jul-09 22:58:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BCLass Wed 08-Jul-09 23:32:12

I'm no expert but I would try a warm bath and let DD feed to get a let down. When she has finished then massage and milk should still flow out.

Hope this helps. It will settle down.

LovelyDear Wed 08-Jul-09 23:37:02

Sorry for you - i was just like this. Top tips are to lie your baby on the bed and dangle your boob down into her mouth, then smooth the tissue down towards your nipple as she feeds, so let gravity help dissolve the lumps. Then after each feed, get in the shower, get really soapy hands and massage evenly from the outside towards the nipple til they feel smooth and empty.

it's a phase which only lasts for a short time but it's important to keep on top of it. Good luck! Any sign of fever - get to your GP quick.

LovelyDear Wed 08-Jul-09 23:38:27

i didn't mean to sound a note of panic at the end - i just meant, don't struggle on if you begin to feel ill, you can get antibiotics that are compatible with bf.

JudyBlume1019 Wed 08-Jul-09 23:39:50

cabbage! Sounds completely weird, but put a cabbage leaf in your bra and you will feel it ease! It worked for me anyway.
afaik engorement at a week is ver very normal

LovelyDear Wed 08-Jul-09 23:42:10

oh yes! savoy cabbage in the freezer, take a leaf off and wear it in your bra. When you begin to smell like old farts you know it's time to change it! Oh happy memories....

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