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Any tips on persuading 6mo to feed more in the daytime?

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paranoidmumdroid Tue 07-Jul-09 17:15:33

My big bf 6 month old doesn't feed for long during the day, but he does cluster feed 6 - 7pm, generally settles himself to sleep, wakes himself at 10.30 for a top up and does a mega feed at around 2-3am, then up at 6.30 but not really hungry.
(This is a good night, often he wakes twice and feeds well both times).

Is there any way i can get more into him during the day without cluster-feeding all the time? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only mum in the world (well NW London) who's baby "should be getting enough in the day" but doesn't. I don't think the hot weather helps but I'm a bad sleeper, it takes me ages to get to sleep and back to sleep again after a feed, so i'm exhausted after 6 months of broken nights. I know that part of the deal but i though i'd be getting used to it by now!

He's not very impressed with solids so that's not going to work yet. We've got no weight issues he's consistently 75 centile.

Advice gratefully received......

CarGirl Tue 07-Jul-09 17:20:18

I think it's a bit chicken & egg, you may have to go through a few unpleasant nights refusing to feed him as much which will then make him hungrier in the morning/day.

I would try and bring forward all his daytime feed by 10 mins every 2 or 3 days and try to make him "wait" at night time. Have you got a partner who could pacify him at night and offer him water etc?

I would carry on doing the 10.30 but try and cut out the 2-3 one, even if it is just reducing the amount etc.

paranoidmumdroid Wed 08-Jul-09 08:43:21

Thanks CarGirl, that's one thing i've been thinking about, but tbh we're not very good at toughing it out at night, because we live in flats and want to remain on good terms with the neighbours! last night was better but only because he was so tired at 7 that he had a big feed at 11 and went til 5 for his next feed.
We don't really have a routine so may be i'll have to start one - he doesn't eat while we're out because of distractions, so I'll have to be at home for every feed (daytime stir crazy or sleep deprived is my choice.......)

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