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4 months old;Shorter feeds; more broken nights

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EmBM Mon 06-Jul-09 16:57:21


Our 4 month old boy, who has been exclusively breast feed since birth, has suddenly started feeding for a lot less time - from around an hour to a maximum 10 minutes on each breast.

Before he did this, he would sleep from 10 p.m to between 5 & 7 a.m, then I'd top him up for another 45 minutes and then he'd go down until around 9 a.m. Lucky us! However, now he is feeding less, he is waking earlier and sometimes twice in one night. (I know this is normal for most people but not in our house!). His weight gain seems to be ok and he doesn't appear to be hungry.

HV has suggested that he is teething and breast feeding counsellor said that babies become more efficient feeders. Does anyone else out there have similar experience and what did you do? I am not going to start bottle feeding him.



whomovedmychocolate Mon 06-Jul-09 20:58:10

Mine both started feeding much more quickly at four months. But they were always crap sleepers, DS still is at nearly one. I think the teething bit is probably spot on though. Don't worry you are doing fine. You are doing marvelously!

Anything that happens in the first three months appears to be totally random to fox you btw.

DS still feeds twice a night and he's nearly one. hmm

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