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My 4 wk old DD fussy/ crying during breastfeeding

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mummingbird Mon 06-Jul-09 13:39:56

can anyone help? I am not sure if I have got low milk supply or there is another reason my 4 week old DD is so unsettled during feeding.
She's usually fine during the day but can feed on and off from 7pm until 12am/1am some nights and seems to not be satisfied at all. Not fun for either of us.
Both sides feel full to start with but seem empty again very quickly.
One night I tried her with some EBM I had in the fridge and she guzzled the lot and finally went to sleep! Maybe she needs about 3 times as much as I can actually give her????
This has also started happening in the day (in fact she is currently asleep in a bouncy chair after crying herself to sleep after a bf) - feeling like a mean mummy.
All advice welcome

bethdivine Mon 06-Jul-09 13:50:01

hi mummingbird,
It's quite normal at this stage for them to cluster-feed throughout the evening, they tend to "tank up" to go for a longer stretch of sleep - how long does she sleep for until she wakes for her next feed?
do you feed off both sides at a feed or just one? I tend to just give one side at DD's feeds (she's 12 wks) and also did this when I was feeding DS. If she fusses and I'm not sure how much she's had, I'll put her back on the same side for her next feed if she wants to go back on within the hour to make sure she's getting the hind milk. Can you try and express and give her a bottle at this time for a few nights, to give you both a break? (I know a lto of people feed from both sides each time tho', so whatever suits you best).

She may just be having a growth spurt if it's just been the last few days, so she'll feed like crazy, just to build your milk supply up again and then it'll settle down. As long as you let her feed when she wants to, your body will make the milk she needs, so don't worry at this stage, sometimes it just takes your body a day or two to catch up, so you feel like you're sitting on the sofa for hours at a time. Just make sure you've got plenty to eat and drink and some good DVDs or books at hand!

Hope that helps a bit, but hopefully there will be some experts along soon too!

mummingbird Mon 06-Jul-09 14:27:39

Thanks for the message...
Once she's asleep she will sleep for 3 or 4 hours.
I do tend to offer her the other side cos I am assuming she isn't getting enough if she has been on for a while and then starts fussing and crying, but maybe you are right, she could be missing the hind milk. I have expressed a few times and she has taken the bottle well but I was reluctant to do that at the mo in case I am expressing what little milk I have (if indeed I do have low supply) so she will not get enough at the next feed.
Thanks again.

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