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Thrush in left breast, what can I do?

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Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 03-Jul-09 14:02:12

Well, I'm pretty sure it's thrush, DD3 is 4 weeks old, we have had no real problems bfing thus far. However, yesterday I noticed my left nipple was very sore when she latched on (almost like the first few toe-curling days). It got worse and now I am getting pain all the way through my arm and shoulder too, followed by a hour or 2 of burning.

DD3 did have a white tongue, it doesn't seem as white now.

What I'm really after is any advice regarding what I can do to alleviate the pain, given that I'm unlikely to see my GP before Monday. Is there anything I can take, is there anything I can get from a pharmacy? I'm already tensing up when she feeds, I don't want to make the problem worse.

Any help or advise would be gratefully pounced on. I haven't had this problem with DD1 or 2.


Kinderella Fri 03-Jul-09 19:42:10

Poor you! It is very painful while it lasts.

I got cream over the counter at pharmacy for myself and ds to get rid of thrush. Think it started to alleviate symptoms fairly quickly. Maybe by the next day, can't quite remember.

Dactarin oral gel for baby, and a separate cream for nipple. (Probably dactarin cream or something.)

Painkillers also maybe?


Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 03-Jul-09 19:52:53

Thank you!

I know it's a minor issue, but it does hurt! I'll take a trip to the pharmacy and see what they recommend. I'll mention Daktarin.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Fri 03-Jul-09 20:07:04

if the daktarin doesn't do it, get your GP to prescribe you Fluoxetine - look for thrush in the BF'ing topics, there are loads of ladies on here who would recommend it!

turtle23 Fri 03-Jul-09 20:25:01

Um...Greyskull...I think you mean fluconazole. Not Prozac...??

turtle23 Fri 03-Jul-09 20:26:41

See the Breastfeeding Network's Thrush Leaflet for's fab.

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Fri 03-Jul-09 20:52:48

blush absolutely!!! blush

hayleybop Fri 03-Jul-09 22:07:23

Hi, I had really bad thrush for 4 months but dont worry, you will be able to cure it quickly...
Your do need to see your GP and ask for fluconazole, or alternatley you can buy a oral thrush pill from the chemist but they cost £10+
YOu can also buy oral dactarin mouth gel for your baby.
You also need to buy(know this sounds strange) dactarin foot cream! To put on your nipples...
Dont tell the chemist your breast feeding or that your using the oral mouth gel on your baby...will explain in a moment....
I like to think I know all there is to know about thrush in the breast and on your nipples, I researched it enough!!!
Firstly it took me a whilt to get the fluconazole off my docters...My HV said it was o.k for breastfeeding mothers to take it and also the breastfeeding Council...(cant remember the correct term BF society or something like that La Leach!!!Breast feeding consultants said it's o.k. you can ask your hv for a leaflet if you docter wont perscribe...sorry to rant on. Wear a fresh bra everyday as thrush spores bread in hot sticky area's, try not to eat sugar or anything containing lots of garlic and you can take natural good bacteria capsuals antiophilis...something like that...
So take the pill, cream on nips, no need to wipe off if feeding and in babies mouth half hour after feed as they usually puke it up if you do iy straight after a feed. The doc may perscribe nastatin for your baby but it dosnt really work very fast!
Hope this is of any help to you.

hayleybop Fri 03-Jul-09 22:08:48

Sorry for the misspelling of words...Daktarin etc...had two screaming babies when i wrote this!!!

Montifer Fri 03-Jul-09 22:15:41

I had similar symptoms with pain radiating through chest to shoulder blade after bf - horrible. You really have my sympathy.
I used daktarin cream and fluconazole tablets and DS had nystatin even though he didn't have any symptoms. That course of treatment didn't seem to sort it out and TBH I think that taking grapefruit seed extract tablets (which I saw recommended on MN and on the La Leche thrush leaflet) was the thing that finally got rid of it. Ibuprofen helped with the pain too. I bought the grapefruit seed extract tablets online and it was delivered next day, apparently it comes as a (foul tasting) liquid too, I'd go for the tablets! Hope you get sorted very soon smile

ninja Fri 03-Jul-09 22:18:59

Also woth trying to cut out some of the worst offenders from your diet (yeast, mushrooms and dare I say it sugar!)

Grumpyoldcaaaaaaaa Fri 03-Jul-09 23:24:12

Thank you everyone, I haven't got back on before now as I've been solidly (painfully) feeding the milkbeast (why, when it's at the most painful point does she decide she can't get enough milk hmm).

I went to my local Tesco pharmacy but the pharmacist there was useless and wouldn't give me anything. However he did give me the details of the local NHS Walk-In Ctr so I'll try that tomorrow and hopefully get myself sorted (although I am very interested in the grapefruit seed extract).

And cut out sugar shock. But I just made chocolate banana bread this evening......

LeninGrad Sat 04-Jul-09 03:31:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fragola Sat 04-Jul-09 14:33:03

When I had it, I took lots of probiotics - the super strength tablets that you keep in the fridge, plus probiotic drinks.

I cleaned my nips with a vinegar solution after every feed and let them air dry (not as painful as it sounds!)

I found it less painful to express and then feed ds with a bottle when it felt really bad. Although make sure that you sterilise all your breast feedings equipment (if you use it) really well as the spores are pretty hardy. I cold water sterilised then steamed to be on the safe side. I also sterilised my bras in milton after each use.

At the time I felt awful and felt that it was the end of breast feeding, but it's been 7 months now since I got rid of it and I've been fine since.

Good luck!

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