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Formula before and after 6 months - what's the diff?

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paranoidmumdroid Wed 01-Jul-09 09:05:02

I want to introduce a formula feed to my ds aged 23 weeks. He's a big healthy boy (75 centile) and has been sitting well for a month already, so seems older than he is.

Looking at the formula labels there seems to be this up-to-6 months milk, and follow-on for after 6 months. What's the difference and can I just start him with the follow-on a couple of weeks early, rather than getting him used to something and then changing over a week later?

This may be a silly question but i can't find the info anywhere and want some reassurance that the follow-on won't "hurt" him - living up to my nickname or what?


KingRolo Wed 01-Jul-09 09:07:30

I wouldn't worry about him getting used to it, they taste the same as far as I can tell. But why not just wait until he is 26 weeks before introducing the formula?

Jojay Wed 01-Jul-09 09:10:50

There's nothing wrong with giving the up-to-6-mths formula to older babies ,nothing at all.

So I'd buy a tub of that, but don't feel you have to chuck it out the moment he hits 6 months, just finish the tub then buy the follow on milk next time. Or stick with the first stuff, whichever really.

fizzpops Wed 01-Jul-09 09:23:05

I found the Follow on Milk didn't dissolve as well as the Infant Formula so always gave my DD the Infant one when I could.

If you compare the ingredients there are minimal differences with regards to the amounts of vitamins/ minerals etc so the difference is really negligible.

I have heard that the sole reason for producing Follow on Milk is that it can be marketed/ advertised whereas Infant formulas can't - so just a way to get a brand name 'out there'. Please someone correct me if I am wrong!

goingnowherefast Wed 01-Jul-09 12:12:37

I'm in the middle of a bf supporter course, and they told us that the only thing we can advise people on with regards to formula type is that it's best to keep with the first (from birth) milk right the way through. Follow on milk was only invented to get past the advertising restrictions, as fizzpops said.

It's something to do with the balance of proteins, it's better to keep them on the first milk as it's more digestible. Also follow on stuff contains a lot of iron which isn't always good and can cause constipation.

paranoidmumdroid Wed 01-Jul-09 18:07:47

Thanks for your replies. The bit about the advertising is very interesting. It all confirms what I suspected, and I spoke to another mum i know who has a nutritionist friend who told her to go for the pre-6 month ones as there is less sugar in some brands.

Re. introducing it before 26 weeks, I've got a date to aim for when I'll want to leave him with someone through a feed time (fingers crossed) and I can't express enough for him, as he is a greedy boy and eats a lot! I know i can freeze a bit at a time, but we only have one of those ice-boxes which is always full and tbh i find it a real faff.

Thanks all, v helpful

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