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Is this a nursing strike?

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Jenbot Tue 30-Jun-09 22:23:38

DD (9 months corrected) has been dropping her daytime feeds over the past couple of weeks.

She's had a stomach bug for almost a week but it hasn't affected her food appetite at all oddly. Not sure if that might be relevant.

She's now only BFing at 3am ish, 6am ish, 7pm, with a tiny bit at 10.30pm.

Is this a nursing strike or is it just natural replacing milk with food?

Should I be trying to encourage her back to the breast or would I be better letting her manage on water through the daytime at this age? Anyone have any wise words? Thanks in advance!

RuthChan Wed 01-Jul-09 17:39:01

By 9 months, the amount she is eating is probably quite substantial and it is natural for her to show less interest in BFing.
Also, it is quite warm at the moment (don't know about where you are though) which is an appetite suppresent.
I really wouldn't worry. As long as she continues to grow and put on weight and seems happy, she is absolutely fine.
My DS has just turned 8 months and I have noticed that his BFing has been declining too. He feeds for less time less often and always seems to be more interested in something else. DD was the same at that age too.

wuglet Wed 01-Jul-09 21:44:49

All of my nursing strikes have been complete - ie not nursing at all for days at a time.

What happens if you offer during the day? Does she get upset or is she just not interested?

FWIW I think at this age if they want it they will let you know!

Jenbot Fri 03-Jul-09 21:30:28

Thanks, I thought she might just be cutting down, but it seemed quite drastic so I wasn't sure.
If I offer during the day she tries to wriggle off and play instead. Just not interested at all.
I won't worry any more

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