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Expressing before baby is born (and on antibiotics...)

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FiFiTrixabel Tue 30-Jun-09 11:24:08

I am a second time mum how is 36 weeks pregnant and I have just started expressing colostrum. I did this with my last pregancy and am sure it is why my son is so healthy and breast fed so easily when he was born (he didn't loose any weight, he gained 3oz in the first 2 days!).

I have just been prescribed antibiotics for a UTI, cefadroxil 500mg, one tablet, twice a day. Is it still ok to keep the milk or should I just destroy it? hmm

Reallytired Tue 30-Jun-09 13:16:58

I imagine that if its OK for a pregnant mum then it would be OK for a breastfed baby. I would keep the milk.

If you contact a La leche League councellor they can get information on the drug for you.

RoseBlossoms Tue 30-Jun-09 14:53:31

So when you express the colostrum how much do you get? then do you freeze it and give to your new baby? or is this a way of getting your milk going?

FiFiTrixabel Wed 08-Jul-09 17:24:11

Hi, Spoke to the midwife last week and she said to get rid of the milk I had expressed while on antibiotics!
I'll start expressing properly now I'm off the tablets. I get between 1 and 2oz and freeze it. I had milk when I started expressing (would dribble out if I gently squeezed my nipples)so the expressing just helps. (Actually with this pregnancy I feel the need to as my boobs feel quite full).
I gave my son about 20 portions, started with a bottle at 10 days, plus what he had from me anyway so he had lots and lots of colostrum. (Breast fed for 8 months). It made breastfeeding SO easy when my son was born. I'm amazed its not spoken about more, it was only because I mentioned that I had milk to my midwife last time and she told me to try. Be warned though - don't do it if it causes any type of contration or Braxton-Hicks! Can send you into early labour! (Not so much as a twinge for me!) One of the methods to 'get you going' is nipple stimulation though so I guess this is similar.
Spread the news Mummies - fab and easy way to ease you boobs into meal machines!!

Grendle Wed 08-Jul-09 17:55:11

Actually, there is no evidence at all that antenatal expressing affects milk supply post-birth. It does no harm, but the production of milk is triggered by the separation of the placenta and the hormonal changes that ensue, coupled with frequent removal of the colostrum from the breasts in the early days. Not all women can ever express more than a dribble, but it has no impact on their ability to breastfeed. It is also unlikely to send you into labour any more than having an orgasm or breastfeeding a toddler, unless of course you're about to go into labour anyway smile.

As others have said, if its safe in pregnancy then there's a high chance it's fine in lactation. The BfN antibiotics factsheet doesn't mention that one specifically, but if you want to be sure you could check with their drugs in breastmilk service.

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