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Re-starting breastfeeding after sttrike

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loulou33 Mon 29-Jun-09 21:17:34

My ds2 is 9 months old and has been on milk strike (both bf and ff) for a week. I want ot know if i can start bf again after a few days break?

I stopped bfing for bedtime feed a few weeks ago as he refused to latch on and was getting so upset that i reluctantly gave him a bottle. He took to this fine. He dropped his afternoon feed 2 weeks ago and then started to get less interested in breakfast. He has had chicken pox this week and the doc has been concerned about fluid intake so i have tried giving him formula at breakfast time insatead of breast but he's only taking 2oz and this is hard work. I realy regret giving up bf and wondered if i could re-start again. I tried putting him to the breast tonight but he was not interested....i have heard people use fennel tea to help milk production but i am not sure what to do or if i am fighting a losing battle.

wuglet Mon 29-Jun-09 21:34:20

It is possible to start again....

info on relactation - how to get your supply up.

info on how to encourage him back

And if you have only stopped for a week hopefully it won't be too much of a battle.

Good luck with it!


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