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Crying after breastfeeds

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killerkitty Mon 29-Jun-09 10:23:16

Hi there, hope someone can tell me why my 17wk baby daughter cries after every breastfeed.

It started about four or five weeks ago and now every time she comes off a breast she cries, so then I put her on the other side and 10 or 15 minutes later, she cries again. It doesn't seem serious crying because I can distract her out of it with silly noises and songs, but I worry why she's crying - because she's full up or is my supply failing? Also, I'm beginning to feel tense about feeding her in public because she pulls off and screeches loudly, drawing attention to an otherwise discreet process.

Otherwise she's a perfectly normal healthy baby and is putting on weight well - at her 16wk weigh-in she was 14lbs 5oz, so I'm not worried long term.

Hope someone can help. Thanks.

greensnail Mon 29-Jun-09 10:34:10

Hi, DD did this for a while and then seemed to grow out of it. I spoke to a counsellor at breast feeding clinic and she said some babies do this and suggested putting her down on her play mat for a few minutes and leaving her to it if it was upsetting me. She always calmed down if I did this - but not so helpful in public!

After a while I started to think it was because she was full up but still wanted to keep sucking for comfort. She's now 26 weeks and at the end of a feed comes off and sucks her thumb for a bit before she's ready to do anything else, so I suppose that's her way of sorting out whatever the problem was.

killerkitty Mon 29-Jun-09 13:13:27

Ah that sounds quite likely because she also sucks her fingers after. Thank you, greensnail, that's set my mind at rest.

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