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Should I be worried, not drinking hardly any milk?

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vbus Sun 28-Jun-09 19:43:20

DS is 7.5mths old and has been exclusivley BF. In the past 2wks he seems to have gone from 4 BF's during the day and 1/night to 1-2 feeds in day and 1-2 at night. But just the past 2 days he has hardly had any milk feeds in the day, he just refuses the boob.

He has a great appetite and he drinks water from a sippy cup after each meal. He is small for his age but is gaining weight. I suspect he prefers to get his calories from solids as he seems pretty active and happy.

He has plenty of dairy in his diet. Does he still need milk, maybe formula as my supply seems to be getting smaller although there is still milk in there?

Essie3 Mon 29-Jun-09 12:58:55

Don't worry. My DS started refusing a bottle (of ebm) when he was 5 months old, and never took any milk except from a boob from that day on.
At 6 months he started on solids, and at 7 he started at nursery; so from 7 months because of his refusenik behaviour, he was having 3-4 feeds in 24 hours. He was and is small for his age, but is perfectly fine and testament to the fact that babies can live on very little milk!

Keep an eye out for dramatic weight loss - or rather, watch for signs of illness or weakness really, but your DS should be fine.

vbus Mon 29-Jun-09 19:40:16

Thanks for your reply, it was reassuring. Well today he still only had 1 nightfeed at 4.30am and then one at 7am and nothing else :-( Offered boob several times in day but he didn't really drink anything much. Will give it week and see how it goes and will also limit amount in sippy cup from tomorrow.

I find it strange as my eldest was the opposite at this age, he had about 5 feeds /day plus 1-2/night as he didn't really eat much, he didn't get into solids til he was about 8/9mths.I guess they are all different!

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