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Baby won't latch on to bottle

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K8Cocker Sat 27-Jun-09 23:39:44

Hi there guys

I have a 10 week old and a 17 month old and it is for this reason I am trying to get my 10 week old onto 1 bottle a day and ideally it will be my husband giving her one bottle of formula every evening. My 17 month old did breast and bottle much earlier than 10 weeks for various reasons and was great throughout breast and bottle feeding him. But alas the little 10 week old lady will just not latch. It's only breast for her! But this needs to change and I need your ideas/support. I am on Day 7 tomorrow this is how it's gone so far:

Day 1: Tommee Tippee bottle "1" teat, 6floz breast milk. Husband tries to feed her but she won't latch and screams about it for an hour then I stick a nipple in for 3 seconds and we switch with me feeding her and husband talking to her all the time - she downs the whole lot.

Day 2: Tommee Tippee bottle "1" teat, 6floz Aptomil. Husband feeding and we do the boob to bottle trick again. It's a fight and she throws up a lot of it over her face while feeding (bless her). She downs the rest and puts in a full night's sleep (bonus)

Day 3: Tommee Tippee bottle "1" teat, 6floz Aptomil.
We do exactly as Day 2 but she won't have it this time. Screams and screams and in the end I breast feed her.

Day 4: MAM bottle "2" teat, 6 floz breast milk
She screams, won't latch, we try boob to bottle, she still won't latch. Finally takes bottle but reluctantly and then only has 3 floz.

Day 5: MAM bottle "2" teat, 3.5 floz breast milk
Won't have it at all - we tried hiding the bottle in a muslin and everything - she just won't latch. Husband puts her down to sleep and she goes through till 6am. Her last breast feed was at 6pm. We decide that she fed too late and was too tired.

Day 6: MAM bottle "2" teat, 3.5 floz breast milk
Try boob to bottle again. She screams, gags, screams and gags and gets really really angry. Will not close her mouth around the bottle. Her last feed tonight was at 5pm and we try to get her down a bit earlier - our theory being that she is too tired and not hungry enough to accept the bottle. In the end she settles and goes down to sleep - and it's 1130pm now and she's not woken up.

We have tried various temperatures throughout but I think we could get better and more observant with that area.

The jam plan now is that for her next feed we are offering formula in a Tommee Tippee "1" teat so it's not at bed time for her and she should have a good level of hunger. And then for future evening feeds, her last feed will be at 4pm and we'll start her bed bath routine 20 minutes earlier.

Our main concern is that we are turning this into a traumatic experience for her. Has anyone had this experience and found a way to achieve a less traumatic transition?

I also would like to hear what other people have found when their baby has not wanted the bottle - is it the non latching? Or is it latching then not liking it? What do people mean when they say "my baby won't have the bottle"? We do try to stimulate the suck reflex in the roof of the mouth but she just gags and gets really cross.

My husband and I are already a bit strung out and thinking of resorting to me going out for the morning so she is forced to take the bottle but I feel like this is a little unfair! any other thoughts? I like the TT teats as I can get something to her lips to encourage her to latch on.

Let me know what you think.

K8 xx :O)

MadameDefarge Sun 28-Jun-09 10:40:13

I used the playtex bottles with liners, as they need to to the breastfeeding glug, rather than the bottle sucking, so the mechanics are not alien to her.

It got my ds back onto the breast after two weeks of bottle due to illness.

K8Cocker Sun 28-Jun-09 21:41:00

Thank you for that - it's also made me think that the nipple shields used for getting my first baby from bottle to breast might work in the other direction!


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