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should i express dropped feed?

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booyhoo Sat 27-Jun-09 22:14:40

ds is one month old and has until the last few days been feeding every 3 hours until eleven pm and then again at fiveish am. but in the last few days hes been feeding at 8/9 ish and not feeding again until around six am. but this evening he fed at 6 and hasnt woken up for the 9 oclock feed. the thing is the side he is due to feed off next is becoming very full and uncomfortable. so should i express and use that milk for next feed or just leave it and let the milk supply alter itself to his requirements? i know that if i express and he continues not to wake for a 9pm feed everyday then my boobs will still make the milk so i'll keep having to express, but i think he's a bit young to go 12 hours without waking for a feed so i imagine he might wake earlier than 6 IYSWIM.

msdevine Sat 27-Jun-09 23:19:06

wow lucky you, my two would not sleep longer than an hour with out feeding at that age.

Well you can always express and freeze it. I see what you mean about the 12hrs without feeding though.

You know there is something called sleep/dream feeding. So instead of cutting out the 9pm feed, pick him up (not waking him) and just latch him on and he will have a good feed in his sleep.

It worked for my son when he would feed before bed but then wouldnt make it through the night so up early he was about 5mnths. My health visitor suggested it and it was good. As soon as he was 6mnths i stopped night time feeds altogether.


booyhoo Sat 27-Jun-09 23:40:47

thankfully he woke about an hour ago so that should be him to about 5/6ish. but good to know for the future that i can do that. thanks.

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