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Help! Anyone who's used a MAM bottle...........

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Jojay Sat 27-Jun-09 19:32:49

....which way round does the teat go in their mouth?

I assumed it went in horizontally, but there's a little valve on the side that makes me think maybe it should be vertical.


thisisyesterday Sat 27-Jun-09 19:33:45

it goes horizontally

MatNanPlus Sat 27-Jun-09 19:35:40


Jojay Sat 27-Jun-09 19:35:55

So milk doesn't leak out of the valve then?

thisisyesterday Sat 27-Jun-09 19:39:28

no, it's a valve!

MatNanPlus Sat 27-Jun-09 21:36:29

JoJay are you meaning the dimple on the rim of the teat?

Jojay Sat 27-Jun-09 21:53:05

Um, i think so

MatNanPlus Sat 27-Jun-09 21:58:06

Shouldn't leak at all, if it does try loosening and tightening the screw ring.

Jojay Sat 27-Jun-09 21:59:55

Thanks, I bought it today and haven't tried it yet.

It's my latest purchase in the battle to get Ds2 to take a bottle -wish me luck grin

MatNanPlus Sat 27-Jun-09 22:01:45

You can use the teat in Avent / dr brown / generic wide neck bottles.

i have had good success with the MAM teat in the past.

Jojay Mon 29-Jun-09 09:22:20

That's good to know - Thanks. We try today!

BikeRunSki Mon 29-Jun-09 09:30:01

How did you get on ? I have a friend of older DC (4, mine is 9 months) who discovered that MAM were the only teats he would take. So far, very other baby I have come across who wouldn't take a bottle, has done so when given MAM teats.

Jojay Mon 29-Jun-09 09:42:20

He's asleep at the moment and I'll try when he wakes up. I'll let you know.

I REALLY hope it works!!

Jojay Mon 29-Jun-09 19:21:00

Well it went pretty well really.

He normally has a mid morning and mid afternoon breastfeed, but I managed to replace both of these with the bottle.

He had 3 oz this morning, in dribs and drabs, but downed 3 oz in one go this afternoon, followed by another ounce a bit later.

I was a bit worried that I'd inadvertently picked the hottest day of the year to starve by baby into submission re the bottle wink, as he's rubbish at drinking water too, so he had a sloppy lunch and tea and lots of fruit and he seems fine.

So all in all, anther victory for the MAM teats!

And thanks Matnan - I bought some more teats this afternoon knowing they would fit my Avent bottles, saying myself a few quid on buying the whole bottle grin

MatNanPlus Mon 29-Jun-09 19:24:12

glad it went well Jojay

Are you planning to always bottle those 2 feeds?

row78 Mon 29-Jun-09 19:40:08

I'm trying to get my son to take a botle as well for one meal a day, he sometimes takes 3 ozs, is that a successful feed?

Jojay Mon 29-Jun-09 20:12:09

MatNanPlus - yes, I'm hoping to cut back to just morning and night as I return to work next month.

It sounds horrible but I needed to make him skip two bfeeds to make him take the bottle. I've tried skipping one and he just holds out until the next bfeed, as he eats a fair amount of solids now, so I had to force the issue slightly.

row78 it depends how old he is and if he's on solids yet. My ds is 8 months and eats a fair amount, so I'm happy with him taking 3-4 oz at a time during the day as he has a full breast feed morning snd night, and still has a dream feed too (bfeed)

If your ds is younger than 6 months, ideally he'd take more than 3 oz in one feed.

Don't ask me how to get him to do that though wink

MatNanPlus Mon 29-Jun-09 23:26:04

How old is your DS Row78

row78 Tue 30-Jun-09 07:49:16

He is pretty much spot on 6 months, has started solids but he isn't eating much really at the moment. I suppose I need to persevere more, he obviously knows how to drink from a bottle, he just doesn't want to. I've been offering one bottle a day for 3 weeks now, this could take a while!

MatNanPlus Tue 30-Jun-09 12:22:17

it could indeed but do persevere

row78 Tue 30-Jun-09 14:53:11

Thanks, MatNanPlus! We're on the MAM teats as well, he seems to like them more the normal silicone ones.

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