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bottle liners?

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loubyloub Thu 25-Jun-09 22:24:15

I am largely breastfeeding 7 month old DS, but in the last couple of weeks have been giving him one bottle of formula at around 10.30pm. We are off to Camp Bestival next month, and would like to carry on with this if possible. Have been looking into options while not being able to sterilie bottles. Tried steri-bottles (with expressed breat milk) with DD at a wedding when she was a couple of months, but they were a disaster. Quick google suggest Avent bottle liners would do the job??? Anyone used these? And if so, where can I get them, cant see any online sellers? Thanks!

Olihan Thu 25-Jun-09 22:30:33

I think they've replaced the liners with the VIA storage system which is pre sterilised cups and a lid that fits a teat. They're designed to fit the Isis pump so you can express, store then feed from the same cup but you could just as easily use them for formula.

Olihan Thu 25-Jun-09 22:32:07

Fpund you a link

loubyloub Thu 25-Jun-09 22:56:51

Perfect! Thanks Olihan, have just ordered those from that site. thanks v much indeed!

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