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DS wouldn't take bf today but now has and

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ImOverHere Thu 25-Jun-09 20:11:28

.. from feeling quite depressed I now feel quite relieved and happy again.

And I'm quite shocked at how it made me feel.

He is 4mths old and has one bottle of ff a day (about 4oz around bed time - mainly because I sometimes need to leave him with my mum and I want him to be able to be fed) but today he just didn't want me. Only from about 11 this am til around 7:30 (he did have a couple of little nibbles but really wans't interested and didn't want his FF either). He went to sleep fine and has just woken up for his last feed before his first long stretch of the night and he bf no problem.

From about 1pm today though I have felt awful. Really sad like I had pmt and just desperate to feed him really. And now, since he's fed I feel absoloutely fine and happy again. And there was me thinking that I wanted to put him on a bottle from 6 months, not sure I'll be doing that now.

Is this a usual reaction? It was only for a few hrs.

burningupinspeed Thu 25-Jun-09 20:15:03

Poor you, and poor him - might he be teething?

I always felt awful when DS refused to feed, however old he was, whatever the (possible cause) - it was only when he refused that I realised how much it meant to me really, to be able to feed and nourish and support this little person, all by myself if necessary - until I couldn't... I would take it personally and think he disliked me

So sounds a normal reaction to me Glad you're feeling better now though. See how you feel in a few weeks, it's okay to change your mind! And it's okay not to of course wink

LackaDAISYcal Thu 25-Jun-09 20:22:47

Poor lamb; sounds like there may be something up, poorly tummy or teething perhaps?

Re the PMT; there are all sorts of hormonal things going on where BFing is concerned, so if he hasn't fed for a few hours than it's possible this was enough to cause the PMT type feelings.

My DS is a bit older than yours at 7.5 months but he went for a few days there just not feeding in the day at all (ie from 7am until about 5pm) and I felt horrible and stressed and irritable with the world.

I'm glad he's sorted out his feeding again, but if he does this again, taking to bed with him and doing lots of skin to skin like in the early days is a lovely way to reconnect which works to help them feed no matter what their age.

I hope your feeding relationship goes from strength to strength and that you can continue for as long as both you and your baby want to smile

ImOverHere Thu 25-Jun-09 20:32:01

Thanks for the support. I bf my DD for 15 mths but found it such a trial that I was determined not to go through all the worry and anguish again (hence the 6 mths and bottle thing). She was lactose intolerant, a v difficult baby and would be on the boob for hrs and if I could have stopped bf her at 6 mths I would have (again, part of the reason for me to think that with DS).

So, when I felt so wretched today when DS wouldn't feed (I think your right btw, he is prob teething), it was such a shock because I would have given good money for my DD to do that 3yrs ago.

burningupinspeed Thu 25-Jun-09 20:59:57

I only have one DS and fed him for 18 months, I have to admit I have sworn not to do it again for various reasons (for as long, I mean) - but I can see that it would still be crushing - when it's not your choice. I debated stopping from 12 months on but every time DS had a mini-strike it still hurt even though I wanted him to self-wean! Funny things, hormones

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