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teething or refusal?

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pingviner Thu 25-Jun-09 11:35:13

ds 8 months has for the last 24 hrs been refusing most feeds- screaming and crying if offered a feed. he took one at about 5 am, but nothing since. hes happily eaten, drunk from a cup and gnawed at some carrot and cucumber sticks but its quite unusual for him to not feed
hes currently cutting his top front incisors and need lots of calpol and cuddles to get to sleep, also has a slight cough and cold for the last few days.
Is it likely to be pain/discomfort related or has he gone on strike? anyone have any tips or experience of this?.
He normally takes a cup or bottle of EBM in the day while Im at work (im off as hes just so miserable)- should I express and feed or should I keep on offering?

all help and ideas welcomed...

mrsgamp Thu 25-Jun-09 12:55:10

pingviner, whilst on holiday last year my DS, then 10 months, went on what I believe was a nursing strike. The thing I remember about it most - other than the distress for both of us! - was him seeming confused. He behaved as though he wanted to suckle but then got incredibly upset, pulling away or biting. It went on for several days and I just kept him really close and offered him the breast frequently. I assume it was our change of circumstances - being in a strange place - that put him out, although he is usually the best-natured, easy going little boy. Has anything changed recently that may have temporarily upset your DS?

Having said all that about the nursing strike, my DS can get really fussy too when he's teething or poorly. I know little other than my own experience of b/f-ing, but understand that's it's highly unlikely that any child would self-wean abruptly, so - as if you need me to point this out! - he's obviously upset about something. I would carry on exactly as you are, perhaps continuing to offer him feeds and expressing only if you are uncomfortable. Again, in my experience, most episodes like the one you describe tend to be short lived.

Hope your DS is feeling better soon. Let us know how you get on.

pingviner Thu 25-Jun-09 16:18:11

thanks Mrsg - we have had an ok afternoon and observing him more I think its mostly pain related. Ive offered him frequent feeds and hes enthusiastic enough but has only managed a short 3-4mins feed and has taken about 1 oz from a bottle and hes been woken from sleep with the pain. Managing on staggered calpol and brufen, plus some topical gel on the gums, but we are a miserable and far from smiley DS sad

I cant think of any recent changes except teething - hes been in his nursery for about a month for short periods and happily takes EBM then comes back to bf at night. Our routines been pretty constant but I guess the combination of illness and pain is not helping him

I totally agree this is not weaning! and thanks for your reply. How long did it take you to get back to normal?

pingviner Mon 29-Jun-09 06:56:07

bumping own thread, its now been 4 days since he went on strike,
any advice from the experts?

mrsgamp Mon 29-Jun-09 20:01:09

oh, Pingviner, I had thought of you and intended to ask how you're getting on. So sorry to hear your DS's still refusing. Have you had any progress at all? Have you expressed and has he taken that? Is DS still under the weather?

When my DS went on strike it lasted about 5 days. As I said, it seemed that just keeping him really close - including lots of skin-to-skin contact where possible - broke the cycle...eventually.

wuglet Mon 29-Jun-09 21:26:54


Is he totally on strike or is he taking bits?
Keep offering, keep expressing, keep smiling!

(if you are anything like me you will not be smiling though - it's horrible isn't it?)

Act nonchalant - don't try to force things.

Keep your tits out as much as you can.

It will end!

(have had 4 strikes now - 2 of 5 days, one of 6 days and one of 19 days)

pingviner Mon 29-Jun-09 23:16:25

ok, we are over the strike I think grin
thanks for the messages - i bumped the thread feeling a bit miserable this morning as I had to go out to work ) and DS had still not taken anything despite 4 days of casual offering, skin to skin, baths etc - he would feed but only with a syringe or cup - wouldnt even suck from a bottle so I think it was really pain related

He spent the day with DP who got him to take a few bottles - was certainly feeling much better and is back to himself - when I came in from work he was ecstatic to see me, and after a few false starts we seem to be feeding happily again - in fact he wont let me go for long hmm but I cant complain...

thanks, its hard to keep objective and not get a bit disheartened, not to mention knackered - I normally express if I am working but to do it 24 hrs a day when he was ill and very demanding was pretty tiring

Night all, and thanks

wuglet Tue 30-Jun-09 16:20:38

Yay! Pleased to hear it

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