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Hipp organic follow on milk

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Flossam Sat 14-May-05 09:43:19

Hi there, I've just started giving this to DS, and noticed on the box it says feed should be used within one hour of making. On SMA it says made up, cooled feeds can be used within 24 hrs. Is it because it has organic ingrediants? Does anyone else use this brand and if so what do you do? Are they just being over cautious? Makes life a little more awkward thats all!!

DissLocated Sat 14-May-05 09:46:21

I've used to use it with dd (she's now on ordinary cow's milk). I generally used to make up bottles of water and measure out the milk powder into one of those containers that hold 3 feeds. That's just because I found it more convenient though. I did sometimes make up the milk and keep it in the fridge and never had any problems.

WideWebWitch Sat 14-May-05 09:53:36

I use this and apply same rules as any other - once it's warmed use it within an hour, I'm sure that's what they mean. If you make it up and keep it in the fridge then use within 24 hours. But I put water in bottles and leave them on the windowsill and then only add formula as and when I need a bottle. Dd only has a bottle first and last thing now though.

Flossam Sat 14-May-05 10:10:57

Thank you. I don't normally warm DS's milk, so I'll carry on as I have been. Its just been the odd time when I have made one up before going out etc, worried me a bit. I'll try and get one of those measurer thingys -going away next weekend so will be useful. Thanks again!

WideWebWitch Sat 14-May-05 10:48:26

Flossam, those measurey things are great because you only make it up when you need it so you can take a bottle out with just water in it and it'll be fine all day (obv, it's just water) and then you just add the powder as and when. So then you've got an hour from the powder being added, although I always thought they were ok for 2 really, unless it's a very tiny baby. They are fab.

Flossam Sat 14-May-05 20:29:34

Thanks WWW, got one this afternoon!

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