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Tips on how to get an exclusively bf 14 week old to take a bottle of ebm? Please?

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Starshinetiger Wed 24-Jun-09 11:27:55

Hi, Can anyone recommend any tips on how to get my beautiful exclusively bf DD to take a bottle of EBM? It may sound selfish, but my best friend's hen do is in 2.5 weeks time and I really want to go for the afternoon and evening, but DD won't take a bottle of EBM. I know I should have sorted this sooner, but with one thing and another, haven't. I could go without a night out for 6 months no problem, but really want to spend this time with my best friend.

Am really proud that DD is exclusively bf because for the first 2 weeks, I expressed exclusively and she was tube and then bottle fed, so this has been a big deal grin. When we got home, I wanted to make sure bf was properly established, so didn't express, then couldn't figure out when to express until my wonderful HV suggested that I just express 1oz from the side I've fed from, each time I feed. Is really helping me build up a supply and thought it was okay when DD took 1oz from a bottle from DH last week, but tried again yesterday (I took DS to his music class, while left DD with DH) - she cried the whole 1.5 hours except for 10 mins she slept) sad

She had a mega sleep last night (for her), so when she woke this morning tried her on a bottle again and she resolutely refused - it does go in her mouth, but she chews on it and lets any milk dribble out the side.

Anyone got any suggestions?!

brewsterbear Wed 24-Jun-09 11:40:41

I've been having the same problem, and things I found helps my DD take a bottle are making sure I give it to her warm and holding her exactly like I would if I was breastfeeding her (cushions and everything)> I got my mum to do this the other day when I was at a concert and she did take some so we are improving.

Starshinetiger Wed 24-Jun-09 12:14:58

Thanks Brewsterbear - will try that and keep perservering.

Any more tips?!

mrsflux Wed 24-Jun-09 13:27:03

we tried at 5 weeks so maybe was easier then.
i expressed and we waited till DS was really hungry then we warmed it to as close to body temp as possible.
hubby then fed him and i stayed well out the way. i think because he couldn't get anywhere near boobs he twigged that the milk he could smell was in the bottle and got involved straight away.
defo try getting someone else to do it to start

good luck

Rhian82 Wed 24-Jun-09 13:54:04

We introduced bottled of EBM at 6 weeks and were really proud that he took it no problems, got cocky and didn't keep it up, and then got really worried when he wouldn't take it right before I went back to work!

I would just keep trying - I think it definitely helps if you're out, so she won't know you (and your breast) are there and hold out for them. Try it at different times, different places, and I'm sure she'll get there eventually. You deserve a night out with your friend!

Make sure it's really warm as well - DS did get back into bottles, but initially refused them at nursery. They've found the best way to get him to take them with no fuss is to get them very warm, obviously not enough to burn him, but a bit warmer than body temperature.

Starshinetiger Fri 26-Jun-09 10:06:33

Thanks all. DD took bottle last night from DH - following your tips, we warmed it to just above body temp (tested it on my wrist and couldn't feel it (neither hot nor cold), then left it in water for about another 30 secs. She resisted, then downed about 1.5ozs and fell fast asleep, burped and went down for about 15 mins, then woke and took last 0.5oz no probs whatsoever, then I topped her up from boob. Is fantastic progress, so thanks for your tips. Will defrost more for this evening to have another go!
Thanks again - as ever, MN comes to the rescue! Fingers crossed she keeps taking it!

GYo Sat 27-Jun-09 01:22:47

Just saw this Star, great news, glad DD took the bottle grin

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