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What to do at 1 yr old for a cow's milk intolerant dc?

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blondissimo Tue 23-Jun-09 10:25:18

My ds has suspected cow's milk intolerance and is on Nutramigen 2. He will be one in July and I am a bit confused about what to do at this point. So a few questions......

Am I correct in thinking that you are supposed to switch to cow's milk instead of formula at 12 months?

If so, what do you give a baby who is thought to be intolerant?

I was intolerant as a baby and came out in very bad eczema, and even to this day I cannot drink, say, a glass of cow's milk/milky coffee/ice cream as I will suffer with a bad headache. I can tolerate a little bit of cheese/milk in tea, etc.

I was given soya milk, but I understand that this is not routinely given any more due to high sugar content (?).
Just not sure what to do as don't want to deprive him, but also don't want him to be in pain.

His symptoms have just been that when he does have milk, he has looser stools and also very unsettled/crying a lot/looks uncomfortable.


trixymalixy Tue 23-Jun-09 10:29:05

You are supposed to keep them on the nutramigen until they are 2.

The alternative milks such as soya, rice and oat milk aren't nutritionally suitable as a main drink under age 2.

Also rice milk is now not recommended for under age 4 as the arsenic content is too high.

jasperc163 Tue 23-Jun-09 11:09:24

Blondissimo - DD1 has milk intolerance and is still on prescribed hypoallergenic formula at 3.5yrs. We were told by the paed that she might stay on it til 5. The trouble with soya, rice, oat etc is the nutrition levels and that they are all v low in fat.
Is DS seeing a paed or dietician?

Buda Tue 23-Jun-09 11:14:49

DS was the same and was on the formula till he was 4. Paed said it was best as it had lots of vitamins etc.

DS was dairy free for about a year and can now happily eat cheese, chocolate etc. He is not keen on milk as a drink and is not keen on yoghurts either as a result of not having them. Can tolerate milk on cereal now too.

blondissimo Tue 23-Jun-09 19:37:55

Thank you all.
Had no idea there was arsenic in rice milk! Lordy!
Also was unaware they should be on formula for such a long time. He is not seeing a dietitian, but has seen a paediatrician regarding suspected asthma, and she seemed unconcerned with the cow's milk issue.
Last time I asked the GP about it they just suggested trying to introduce milk into his diet graduallyhmm, but am a bit concerned about doing that as he cannot talk yet obviously and I would hate him to be in pain and for me not to know if it was the dairy or not.
Guess I'll just have to stick with the nutramigen for now then.

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