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introduction of formula causing indigestion?

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stripeywoollenhat Mon 22-Jun-09 22:57:37

For various reasons, I've decided to start mixed feeding my five month old dd. The day before yesterday, she had 60mls, yesterday she had 140mls (60ml in the morning, 80ml in the evening) and today she had 80ml in the morning and 90ml this evening. She has been really unsettled this evening and I'm wondering if the formula has upset her stomach. i haven't noticed increased spit up, she doesn't seem constipated, but she has looked a bit uncomfortable for a few minutes every now and then. Should i expect her to feel a bit rubbish as she gets used to the formula and if so, how long will this last? Am I introducing the formula too fast?

I would really appreciate any advice on this, thanks

doulalc Mon 22-Jun-09 23:42:58

It very well could be the adjusting to the change. Maybe keep it at a steady amount for a few days, for example: 60ml and 60ml, and then increase a bit for another few days, maybe 80ml and 80ml, and so on. See how she does.

Many babies will adjust without too much problem, but some will be more sensitive and just need a more gradual approach.

shubiedoo Tue 23-Jun-09 01:18:09

Maybe keep it to just one feed a day for awhile until she adjusts? Don't give her any in the evening in case she is a bit sensitive to it and is then sick all night.

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