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Switching from bottle to cup - advice please

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Crossleggedmoose Mon 22-Jun-09 03:15:42

My DD is 15 months old and has been having 2 bottles of cows milk morning and night only. I want to switch to a cup as I know drinking milk from bottles is bad for teeth and I know she can drink water from a cup with a straw very well.

I started by switching the morning bottle only and left the nighttime bottle. Last week I tried the Avent cup with soft spout, but she just took a few sips, got frustrated and then pushed the cup away. So I gave up and put the milk back in her bottle and she drank it all.

Today tried giving her milk in her cup with straw. Again took a few sips, then started to cry and throw the cup away. I didn't give her the bottle again though so she basically had no milk this morning except for a few sips.

Questions I have are:

Should I persevere and hope she does start to drink more milk from the cups?

Should I also replace her nighttime bottle with a cup?

Does it matter if she stops drinking her milk altogether? I know I can give her milk in food, but she has been taking about 10ozs of milk a day in bottle and she is unlikely to drink that much water to compensate.

Any advice much appreciated!

newatthis1981 Mon 22-Jun-09 22:15:00

My daugter was the same and i used NUBY bottles has a kind of latex/rubber spout (no idea what material actually i'm just making that up!)They have no lid and at baby events at asda they are only £1 but i'm sure they keep them all the time. Used this as a transition and now she uses a straw. As i brush her teeth after her breakie and before bed the straw stays and if the baby police say thats wrong, so be it :-)PS she drinks loads more water through straw but it takes a bit of practice

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