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I love this breastfeeding book. May have moved into my top 3 of all time...

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Tambajam Sun 21-Jun-09 17:51:45

Anyone else read 'The Food of Love' by Kate Evans?
I just got it at the ABM conference where she spoke for 10 minutes and showed some cartoons.

I just raced through it in the last 24 hours.

It is incredibly funny and has a ton of good bfing info. I used to give 'The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding' or 'So that's what they're for' to new mums but I think Food of Love may now have top-billing.

Elliemama Sun 21-Jun-09 18:33:14

I saw this on Amazon and thought of buying it for my sil who's due soon... Do you think this kind of pressie goes down well or do you think its a bit intimate for some. I don't want to offend her!!? i don't really know her that well!

FaintlyMacabre Sun 21-Jun-09 18:40:52

I saw this the other day and thought it looked great. If your SIL is of an, erm, lentil-weavery persuasion then this would be ideal. Not sure I'd dare give it to a GF fan!

AnarchyAunt Sun 21-Jun-09 18:48:35

It is fab isn't it!

Kate Evans has done some other wonderful cartoon books - we have Copse which is a histoy of the road protest movement.

Tambajam Mon 22-Jun-09 06:40:09

I agree it would appeal to lentil knitters but not exclusively. 2/3 of mums who bf end up co-sleeping at some point so it's certainly not a minority sport. The bf advice appeals to anyone who is bfing. Wouldn't the diehard lentil weavers be experiencing bfing as a spiritual moment rather an opportunity to pick up the remote and work through the boxset (as advised)?
Probably not for the type who employs a maternity nurse overnight - but would they be bfing anyway?

StealthPolarBear Mon 22-Jun-09 14:20:16

I think she came on MN a month or so ago advertising it

foxytocin Mon 22-Jun-09 15:33:59

it is the perfect antidote for the Politics of Breastfeeding, methinks.

a good laugh after all the depressing but necessary reporting.

AnarchyAunt Mon 22-Jun-09 20:04:41

See I don't think it is particularly lentil weavery at all.

Deeply practical IMO.

For example

MrsMotMot Tue 23-Jun-09 08:33:08

I think it's fantastic and am recommending it lots! Really really good. And funny. You need a bit of funny in those early days- we were watching so much BBC news 24 at one point at like 3am that DH went out and bought a stand up comedy DVD. It was such a great, tension relieving purchase!

Anyway, back to the Food of Love: tip top.

hanaflower Tue 23-Jun-09 19:18:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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