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Has anyone used Aptamil Easy Digest Formula?

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ino Sat 20-Jun-09 23:18:05

My dd is 10 weeks old and currently I'm using Aptamil First. She is sick after every feed and I'm wondering - under what circumstances should this formula be used? I don't think she has reflux because she doesn't bring the whole lot back...

RunJHC Sun 21-Jun-09 08:28:15

Hi we used Easy Digest for similar reasons and to be honest I didn't find it made much difference. Also it's thicker so more difficult to get through the teat and so DS got frustrated/tired and stopped having as much milk (and he was still quite small then so needed to eat a lot!). We went back to Aptamil First in the end.

He's 16 weeks now and much less sicky - think probably just grown out of it. Also we always stop to burp him half way through a feed and kept him upright for at least 15 mins after feeds (even at night zzz...) and that seemed to help him keep the milk down better.

Also being sick is normal, and I think it always looks like more than it actually is, so if it's just milk she's bringing up it's not necessarily a problem


nannynz Sun 21-Jun-09 11:47:54

I used with a previous charge who was showing colic like symptoms basically all day, he was combined fed. We used the Easy Digest for about 4 weeks and then changed back to normal Aptimal and he was fine then. The nappies on Easy Digest are green and very loose.

Your baby may just be a sicky baby and may grown out of it.

ino Mon 22-Jun-09 01:24:56

Thanks for replies....I think I will stick with Aptamil First and hope she grows out of it then.

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