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What feeds does your 5 month old have?

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Daffodilly Sat 20-Jun-09 21:20:50

DS is 5 months and breastfed. He usually has about 5 feeds is 24 hours - first at about 8AM and last about 11PM. But he seems to be spacing them out more now and I think he will have to drop one of them soon as I can't fit 5 in (unless I wait up until midnight to do the last one). I am nervous he may then wake in the night for the 5th feed.

I know they are all different, but just wondering what other babies of his age are doing to know what would be realistic to expect?

Daffodilly Tue 23-Jun-09 17:08:09

Can anyone help or reassure me?

He is now down to 4 feeds in 24 hours - e.g. so far today 7AM, noon, 5PM and he will probably only have one more big feed before bedtime. Is this really enough? I mean he seems fine, he sleeps a lot but always has, lots of wet nappies, etc - but it doesn't seem much. I had to wake him just now to feed him the 5PM as I felt 5 hours was long enough to go in the day.

Should I just be counting myself lucky?

PS - my mum thinks I should wean him, but no idea why as he certainly doesn't seem hungry!

Shanster Tue 23-Jun-09 18:15:46

My 5 month old has 5 feeds a day, and sometimes wakes for a 6th a night. Don't think you have much to worry about, if he is gaining weight I'm sure he is fine.

Daffodilly Tue 23-Jun-09 20:39:23

Thanks for your reply Shanster - he is just so different from my DD and I was starting to worry he isn't getting enough.

dan39 Tue 23-Jun-09 22:22:57

Read your post with a big sigh - my 5mo is feeding two hourly round the clock....I am so tired at times I can barely see...

I read somewhere recently that 4 should be the minimum number of feeds in 24 hours, but as Shanster says, go by weight/healthyness etc. And enjoy!!

Daffodilly Thu 25-Jun-09 21:18:47

Thanks Dan. I know it could be a LOT harder. He is a big boy so probably why he is down to 4-5 feeds (for now).

Two hourly sounds very tough. I know a few people with similar age/feeds and have introduced solids at 5 1/2 months making a huge difference - so hang in there. At least there is something else to try pretty soon.

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