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How on earth do I wean my boob obsessed 21 month old???

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luvaduck Fri 19-Jun-09 15:00:45

OK.So its time to stop. We've had a lovely time for the last 21 months and he's as healthy and happy as can be, but I really want to stop now.

I'm pregnant again (5 months) and really don't want to tandem feed. Also he has quite a funny little latch and sucks quite hard - I have teeth marks around my nipples every time. He doesn't actually bite so I can't teach him not to, its just the way he sucks. Its sore.

I've really enjoyed it but feel like now is the right time to stop.

But HOW?????? He loves it, it comforts him, its part of his pre sleep routine.
we're down to 2x a day before nap and before bed, and if I don't give it to him he screams!

We're off on holiday for a few weeks so aim to stop then.

Any tips? Have you done it? It seems that most people that go this long tend to left their dc self wean. How do I make it easier??? How long do you think it will take before he forgets his "moomina"??


luvaduck Fri 19-Jun-09 15:42:58


mawbroon Fri 19-Jun-09 16:30:55

Having had many unsuccessful attempts at cutting down ds's feeding, I am probably not the best person to answer!

However, the teeth thing is probably fixable. My ds did this for a while, mainly because we had got a bit lax, and I was letting him latch on any old way. I started sitting ds on a cushion so that he was higher up and not "dragging" on my nipple when he was feeding and it cured the problem pretty much instantly.

I would recommend reading How Weaning Happens for some ideas.

Good luck smile

luvaduck Fri 19-Jun-09 20:29:13

A reply, thanks!!!

That book sounds good but am going on hols tomorrow so won't have time to get it sad

we feed lying down and it happens whichever way he is. To be honest though, teeth thing or not, I want to stop now. Hopefully he'll forget before dc2 arrives.

Its funny isn't it - so much info about staring little about stopping...

jafina Fri 19-Jun-09 21:18:40

I don't have a huge amount of advice to offer, but have you tried getting your DP/DH to give a cup of milk before bed or nap instead of bf? Ideally you should be out of the house so there is no alternative.

Or can you at least drop the naptime bf first by taking him for a walk/drive in the car to get him to sleep without bf? This is how I dropped DD's naptime feed. Tiring but it worked after a week or so.

Also, does your ds understand the notion of something being "all gone"? I would tell my dd in the day that mummy's milk was "all gone" and she seemed to understand and accept that (most of the time!!). She wouldn't fall for it in the evening of course!

good luck!

luvaduck Fri 19-Jun-09 21:27:46

thanks again for reply.

I think thats the key - i need to be out of the house. we drive quite regularly for his midday nap but as soon as we're home - its straight back to it!

he has a cup of milk before bed already...but still wants "moomina" before sleep. Its comfort rather than nutrition def.

oh dear its not going to be easy is it. hate to think i might break his little heart, but i really need to stop now. lots of cuddles (to be honest he gets loads!) and daddy patting him to sleep - fingers crossed. he does understand "all gone" - but doesn't agree with it! i'm not even sure i've got much milk now.

think we might try nap one first for a week with me "out the house" and then tackle bedtime. DH is very very supportive and goes into him in the night if he wakes - since night weaning - even though he has to work.

Chaotica Fri 19-Jun-09 21:31:24

Watching with interest - I have the same problem.

Actually, first time around with DD I was pg and she gave up herself (supply dropped off and she accepted the cup-of-milk alternative). DS won't fall for that one (although oddly he quite likes a cup of water before bed as well as milk).

MamaHobgoblin Fri 19-Jun-09 23:12:50

Watching this but can't suggest anything, sorry! smile DS is 15 months and a very happy milky boy, about 4 feeds a day, mostly. He loves it and I love it, and not ready to stop yet, but I'd like to try and get pregnant again soon, probably by the time he's about ... 21 months! And he also has a 'funny little latch' that leaves teeth marks. It can be quite sore when I'm not pregnant, I dread to think what it would be like if I were!

Good luck, and remember that there are lots of substitutes you can offer him instead of the milky cuddles, and that whatever different routine you fall into, he'll probably click into it nicely after a little while.

luvaduck Sat 20-Jun-09 10:00:05


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