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Should I give an emotional last breastfeed or just let things be?

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anchovies Thu 18-Jun-09 19:16:48

Dd (dc3 and last baby) is 9 months and over the past few weeks has been totally refusing to feed other than at bedtime. Was trying everything to keep my supply up for if/when she became interested again but it reached the point where I decided to stop when my supply finally gave up. So looks like that time is now. Feel very emotional especially since she is my last baby and we will never have those in bed cuddles again. So should I give her an emotional last feed or give her a bottle? Bad either way as I will be gutted if I decide to try to feed her and she gets upset.

mothersmilk Thu 18-Jun-09 21:01:38

give her a feed breastfeeding is as much about you and your needs as a mother as it it is about the child if she refuses then let it be your cue to move on to another stage in you relationship smile

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