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Replacing the 10.30 feed with EBM - should I express at that time?

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cfc Thu 18-Jun-09 09:45:08


I would like to introduce a bottle of EBM to baby who will be 6 weeks on Friday so that I can go out once in a while (we're planning an NCT reunion night out with the mums soon) and also so he'll take a bottle later on. It won't be a regular thing, but I think it's time he had the experience of a bottle.

Anyway, if DH fed baby his bottle at 10.30pm and I was asleep from the end of the last feed at about 7pm until that time should I wake up to express off that feed and go back to sleep? This will take so much less time than feeding baby and will give DH a chance to get more involved as he's been asking to. I could then just let DH settle and put baby down and I simply return to sleep to be fresh for the night feeds, currently at 2am and 5am - ish.

What do you think?

aquavit Thu 18-Jun-09 12:05:33

I'm in no way expert but hope this is some encouragement: we have been giving our 6 week old daughter a bottle of EBM at around 10.30 for a week or so now and it has been brilliant. She cluster feeds in the evening which I find exhausting, and this gives me (and my nipples...) a break. She took to the bottle perfectly happily and my husband likes doing it too. Happy days!

FWIW, I express in the mornings because I just don't have the supply in the evenings and am painfully full in the a.m., expect this breaks all kinds of rules but it works for us.

cfc Thu 18-Jun-09 16:21:45

Thank you for your reply, here's hoping it works as well for us!

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