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Need a new manual pump - suggestions, comments?

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Rhian82 Wed 17-Jun-09 20:31:31

Agh! My breast pump broke while I was expressing at work today Just want to have a quick rant here, as I was really annoyed, but couldn't really go back into the office and say my breast pump had broken!

Anyway, I need to buy a new one straight away, as in on my way into work tomorrow, as I need to express every day to have enough for DS when he's at nursery. At Boots they had the Boots own brand one, which looked a bit rubbish, the Avent manual one, and the Medela Harmony. Annoyingly they don't have a Tommee Tippee one, which is what I had before.

(they have electric ones as well, but I can't afford one)

I'm a bit miffed I don't have the time to really look around and find a good deal, but no choice! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts or experiences with those three pumps, and any definite recommendations or don't buys? I really struggle to get enough milk, so need a pump I get on with!

moaningminnie2020 Wed 17-Jun-09 20:40:17

I found the avent Isis manual one was fine. Preferred the medela swing electric though, much easier. Think some mothercares stock them, though I got mine online. I've not had the 'proper' boots one but there was one in with my steriliser which was crap and broke after about 2 uses. HTH

Rhian82 Wed 17-Jun-09 20:43:58

Yeah I thought the Boots one looked pretty flimsy, and a really weird way of 'pumping' it. We don't have a Mothercare here - agh if I could wait till the weekend I could go to a huge one, but I can't!

GruffaloMama Wed 17-Jun-09 20:45:55

Hi - I use the Avent Isis too - it has been reliable and didn't leak. Mind you, the bottle that comes with it will take 5oz max, so do take milk bags or something with you if you get any more out than that.

My best mate tried the Boots one and said it was awful.

abroadandmisunderstood Wed 17-Jun-09 20:49:21

Used the Avent for both children. Highly recommend it!

SummerHeightsHigh Wed 17-Jun-09 21:22:03

I have the Tommee Tippee manual pump, its really great, would definitely recommend it.

Rhian82 Thu 18-Jun-09 09:55:25

I had the Tommee Tippee one before, served me well for 8 months but gave up the ghost yesterday.

Went with the Avent one in the end - lots of recommendations here, and I googled some reviews and it seemed to always come out better than the Medela. I've just washed and sterilised it ready for its first use this morning. I was really impressed with the feel of it, so I hope it works well as well - I desperately need decent amounts of milk!

zeke Thu 18-Jun-09 11:09:21

I have only every tried the *avent isis* hand pump and I thought that was great. In fact, I had at least two (for washing/sterilising reasons).

I did buy an electric double pump (medela) when he was 5 mths old though as I had a very short time to pump at work so had to do them both at once. I wish I had got one of those pumping bras before 8 mths though - fantastic! Yes, this as better (once I got used to it - did prefer avent hand pump to start).

Rhian82 Thu 18-Jun-09 12:01:24

Well I've done my first pump with the Avent and it seemed okay. I didn't get a letdown so only got 40ml, but I quite often struggle to get one, and was more 'ooh look at pretty new thing' than picturing my DS, so I'm not going to blame it for that just yet!

It's really really noisy though - squeaks like anything! I express in the (very clean) toilets at work and I'm not going to be happy about doing it when someone else is in there now, it's not discreet at all.

zeke Thu 18-Jun-09 13:43:06

Oh Yes! I forgot about the Rhian82! The avent can definately be squeakly!
One of my friends and I often used to chat about 9pm on the phone when she was expressing - squeak, squeak, squeak! It works though!

Vizzle Fri 19-Jun-09 12:57:40

My Boots one broke, so I got a Lanisoh one - it was on offer in Sainsburys. Bit squeaky, but loads better!

Rhian82 Fri 19-Jun-09 17:21:14

Has anyone ever had problems with the Avent and an enthusiastic letdown? Twice today the valve has seemed to be overwhelmed by my letdown - milk started backing up the pump, then the valve (it's the round one with the star shape) flipped up out of its space and I lost the suction. By the time I'd sorted it again the letdown had gone and I didn't get much more milk

GruffaloMama Fri 19-Jun-09 21:06:40

hiya - yes a bit. however I found that if I leaned forward slightly it would drain the valve without losing suction, IYSWIM. hth.

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