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Breast Feeding in public - Ideas for positions for larger breasts

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frekkles Tue 16-Jun-09 22:00:05


I have large breasts (38G) and they are pretty heavy. I usually feed at home therefore lying down or in rugby ball position as it's easier to get a good latch and keep a good posture.

However it's not really possible to use these positions in public. I usually use cross cradle hold in public, but find my arms and shoulders aching, alot of my breast showing and the weight of my breast usually dragging the nipple out of my babys mouth.

Any ideas for better positioning?

wuglet Tue 16-Jun-09 22:06:41

How flexible are you?
My norks are a simlar size (36FF)and I find if in public the best thing to do is cross my legs so one ankle is over my knee iyswim and use that to support DS.
i have always needed to use one hand under boob when sat up so have always found this to be easiest on my back.

Hope that is of some help

BeehiveBaby Tue 16-Jun-09 22:08:59

Could a different bra help? Perhaps there is a spectacularly suportive one that is quite concealling?

I will be following this thread as my very blessed sister is about to have her secong and was never confident feeding in public with her DD1.

smallblessings Tue 16-Jun-09 22:09:16


I'm at 38F and my favorite position is lying down too!

I either wear a vest top under my top or just wop them out hmm in public. I have'nt really got any advice about weight of breasts, I guess some sort of cushion to reat baby on?

Hope someone more useful comes along. grin

smallblessings Tue 16-Jun-09 22:10:09

x post. smile

smallblessings Tue 16-Jun-09 22:10:11

x post. smile

trourose Tue 16-Jun-09 22:37:59

I had similar issues - rugby ball is possible in public if you seek out sofas and use a rolled up blanket or similar to help support baby. Cross cradle works as you have found already but is difficult for posture. It does get easier - once head control improves you can use other positions more easily as baby doesn't fall off with weight of breast. Seek out some good bf tops which allow you to cover most of the breast (bit more difficult in summer!). Be careful with supporting breast with your hand - I discovered it could lead to blocked ducts, so tried to take the supporting hand away once the latch was secure.

LadyOfWaffle Tue 16-Jun-09 22:42:43

I am 38 G too and I just lay baby on lap, pull up top abit (usually tunic) and hold breast in my hand, sort of pinching nipple abit.

CacklingandBarking Tue 16-Jun-09 22:44:17

Hi, I'm a 40G and I'm finding crossing my legs or putting my foot on a chair to give extra support and height helps when I'm out. I also got some bras from Debenhams that have an extra cover over the top of the boob which helps cover things up (didn't go up to G so got FF but OK now and again).

frekkles Wed 17-Jun-09 07:47:39

thank you

ok, so debenhams here i come. at the moment i'm wearing anita underwired bra, not mych coverage! I don't have any specific breast feeding clothes, I would love some. suggestions? has to be said, i'm pretty skint! i'm not so bothered about modesty, although i'm sure my friends are getting bored of my nips, but the cold is making it sore to feed, my nipple go too hard and latchings difficult

will try the crossed leg thing today and see if it helps and report back x

Fufulina Wed 17-Jun-09 08:32:45

Hi frekkles - this foxed me as well. I do the vest under top thing - so pull over top up and under vest down (IYSWIM) and then put over top back down again as far as it will go... So only my nipple is really out. I also cross my legs and put DD's head on my knee. I always use a hand to hold boob so she can breathe!

TBH - I found that as she has got older (now 26 weeks) it's much easier because she's so much more able to find the boob! It wasn't until she was about 16 weeks that I found I was confident enough to feed her anywhere and now feed her anywhere and everywhere necessary (Highbury Fields, train platforms, pizza express...).

My DH is constantly amazed at how you can't tell I'm feeding her and you really can't see anything.

brewsterbear Wed 17-Jun-09 16:16:21

something I have found useful for this is 'band' style tops i.e. tops with no sleeves at all under my normal top. Normal top goes higher and then band style top covers tummy etc. I have 38G boobies now too.

kazbeth Wed 17-Jun-09 19:33:44

The most supportive bra I've has whilst actually feeding is the mirriam stoppard ones as they have a much wider part that holds your breasts in place once the top part is pulled down. Not sure I explained that well but when feeding it does look like you're wearing a peep hole bra - not the most attractive look maybe but definitely holds me well (F cup)

duvetheaven Wed 17-Jun-09 19:46:26

I had similar problem but always used breastfeeding shawl . It worked for me smile

GruffaloMama Wed 17-Jun-09 19:56:59

Hiya - I've found some good (cheap) vests and boob tubes in Peacocks. They go up to a 22 I think (more than accommodates my 38Gs) which is loose enough to easily pull the vest down underneath another t-shirt or top. Much better and more comfy than mothercare feeding tops (IMO). And £5 for three rather than £10 for one.

sweetnitanitro Wed 17-Jun-09 20:06:21

I don't bother with specific breast feeding clothes, I found them expensive and fiddly. I just chuck a stretchy vest on underneath other tops, M&S do some nice cotton ones in various colours for fairly cheap. T shirt goes up, boob goes over the top of the vest, hey presto not much boob showing. grin Now if only I could stop DD stopping in the middle of her feed for a good look round blush hmm

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