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HELP biting may force me to stop feeding!

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nicewarmslippers Tue 16-Jun-09 21:37:20

My ds is 8 months and has really started biteing. I fed my dd for 14 months and allthough she bit a few times I took her off with a firm 'no!' and that did the job. I am scared of feeding, it happens every feed. My supply is lessening as he never does long feeds as it is towards the end of the feed that he bites (as let down slows) and I yank him off. If I put him on again he sucks a bit and then bites again! Its playful and he smiles at me (don't worry I have NEVER smiled back!) but it basically brinsg a feed to an end. The last few nights he has screamed for ages when put to bed, I just can't satisfy him now and husband gave him formula as a top up and he drank 4 onzes and stright to sleep. I feel dreadful. I fear this is the end of feeding but am not ready to stop (I can't imagine giving him a bottle, have never fed a baby with a bottle-its not part of the way I parent and I love breast feeding)

georgi101 Tue 16-Jun-09 23:31:05

I had the same problem with my son i stopped breast feeding by latching him on at 7 months as he broke the skin a few times. They are learning at such a quick rate at that age that if you show a reaction they keep doing it as a game, and yes i know you cant not show a reaction to something that painful. I suggest you do what i did if you want to continue to give you child breast milk. Express and feed from a bottle. Dont completely give up on the actual breast feeding though, express enough for a few feeds then give him your breast, if he bites give him the bottle. He will choose which he preffers. And if he reacts better to the bottle dont worry to much its still got the goodness of you milk unlike formula. If he would rather have breast he will learn if he bites he has to have a bottle and that may stop him. good luck it worked for me and i fed him breast milk from a bottle from 7 months to 12 months. good luck

foxytocin Tue 16-Jun-09 23:35:23

near end of feed look for a sml muscle movement at the corner of his mouth. he is moving his tongue away from over his lower
teeth. they cannot bite if latched on because the tongue has to be over the lower teeth. have a finger at the ready to unlatch him before he bites.

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